Saturday, 23 March 2013


Woke up to a white world this morning and a distinct sinking feeling that my first journey to work in a new car is going to be in snow and ice. However I'm not in until Monday so hopefully it will have sorted itself out by then and it will be raining again. I've given up hoping for warm sunny days and now just hope it is raining as at least rain isn't snow.

I had a really bad night's sleep and am feeling distinctly under the weather. My chest is tight and I'm finding any exertion makes me puff like a train. Add to that the runny, blocked nose and sore throat and you get the picture. So, instead of rushing out to play with my new toy, I'm confined to the settee again while I guiltily watch Peter doing all the housework. However long experience tells me that this is the best, indeed the only, way to tackle any cold/chest infection and the sooner I give in and rest, the sooner it goes, so I have no choice. If I'm good today, I might well feel much better tomorrow.

Of course the snow doesn't help, every time the temperature drops my breathing worsens, even when I'm well, so you can imagine what the addition of a cold does. It's fair to say that today I'm feeling pretty miserable.

Another person who is not enjoying the weather is Andrew. He was unable to get into London on his bike today so has had to miss a day of placement. To be fair he wasn't actually supposed to be working as his trainer had the day off but someone said they would step in. I have to say Andrew has had an appalling run of luck with his placements, it has snowed on every single one so far. The weather can't be helped though, and I'm pretty sure they would rather he stay at home than become one of their clients. Also it is the first day he's actually missed so he's done pretty well up to now.

Rather than sit on the settee all day I'm going to spend some time transferring  music onto a usb stick so I can plug it into the car and listen to my favourite tunes without having to fiddle around with CD's or ipods. I must admit I love making up play lists and so far I've manage to get the whole of my Beatles collection downloaded along with Aerosmith, Queen and the Rolling Stones. Next up Ozzy and Meatloaf.

At least I have something to look forward too tomorrow, when my best friend is paying a visit, weather allowing. I'm hoping to be well enough to bake a cake but we will see.

In the news the new Archbishop of Canterbury was installed in, what can only be described as, an unusual and colourful way. To be fair he had to do something to stand out from the election of the new Pope but I though it was going just a little far. Still he's in and the religious world can settle down and fade into the background again, until the next crisis that is.

Also in the news the story that gripped my attention this week was  that of the Cypriot government intending to take 10% out of every bank account it could find. Can you imagine that happening here? There would be carnage. The Cypriots are not best pleased either and are protesting left, right and center and who can blame them. Absolutely shocking.

Well it is that time of day again. A cup of tea, a bit more downloading and then lunch. A quick pasta is all I'm going to manage but I'm adding a little chilli, just to warm things up because it looks like we need it.