Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Puff The Magic Dragon

Well it has been a bit of an up and down three days. I have spent most of it trying to avoid different colleagues with a variety of bugs, I even cancelled my counselling session because the counsellor had a cold. Unfortunately I suspect it is all in vain as when I arrived home yesterday I found Peter with a streamer.

I've become absolutely paranoid about hygiene of late but I feel I have no choice. With all the bugs ganging up on me wherever I go at the moment I need all the alcohol gel I can get my hands on, literally. So far this paranoia seems to be paying off but I doubt it will last.

As I write this I'm watching flurries of snow fly past the window. Surely spring must be just around the corner, it can't go on like this can it? I long for some warm sunshine on my face and not having to wrap up in duvets just to leave the house.

My car purchase is going well.

My original dealer rang on Monday and cancelled my application and paid back the deposit without any argument. It appears the cars he though he could offer me didn't materialise and there was no point in trying to hold on to me. The new dealer is ringing when he says he will and is keeping me bang up to date on every development. Brilliant!

Andrew started his night placement on Monday. I got an excited text to say he was on the rapid response car so would be getting all the 'juicy' jobs but nothing since. I suspect he is probably too busy when working and too shattered when he isn't. I'll be seeing him Friday anyway and will probably get non stop chatter then.

I've lost weight, a whole three pounds. Yes I know it doesn't sound much but you've no idea the effort it took to put it on in the first place. This morning I found they were selling bacon rolls in the canteen and decided 'why not', after all I've got to put weight on, so I bought one and loved every mouthful. However about an hour later I realised I'd made a big mistake. The bacon was so salty I was dying of thirst and was soon pouring liquid into my mouth like there was no tomorrow. Much as I enjoyed it I think I might give it a miss tomorrow, or take in extra squash.

In the news the conclave has started to elect a new Pope. Everyone seems very excited about this for some reason and Sky News is practically hysterical whenever a puff of smoke emerges from the chimney. Other news stations are publishing biographies of all the cardinals, asking you to vote for the Pope you would like, as if it matter what you or they think, and generally treating it like the Oscars. What a shame such an ancient ceremony is being reduced to a popularity contest such as Big Brother or X Factor. And what annoys the most is that, whoever they do chose, we are unlikely to notice much difference.

Well time for a slump in front of the TV and a read of the paper. Next blog Friday.