Friday, 8 March 2013

Breath Taking Arrogance

After a much needed lie in, well until eight, I got up, showered and prepared myself for a busy morning. After eighteen months of regular medication deliveries I knew that the van would be here well before nine, after which, I would head off for my warfarin clinic at ten. Did it happen, no of course not. I'm still sitting here at ten past ten and no delivery in sight. I've had to ring the clinic and explain to the stroppy receptionist that I needed to re-book, something I always hate as she makes me feel like a naughty school kid. So instead of whizzing around Tesco's I'm going to spend the morning on house work and waiting for my delivery.

Andrew sent me a text yesterday to say that his placement starts on Monday with four night shifts. He's quite excited as he missed out on nights last term due to his mentor moving to another station in the middle of his placement. He is at Richmond station this time, for three weeks, so if you live or work around there and need an ambulance it may well be my boy that turns up to treat you.

I've started experiencing pain in my back, chest and legs, which is rather worrying. I was sitting talking to some colleagues in the tea room yesterday when the pain in my back just stopped me in my tracks and I just gasped, rather embarrassing to say the least. This has never happened to me before and it rather surprised me. My legs feel heavy and as though I'm dragging them rather than walking. There is no swelling or any other signs of water retention and no bruising. It is worse after I've been sitting down for a while, the first few steps are very stiff and unsteady. It is very weird. If it continues I'll contact the Brompton and ask the question. It may be that after years of little exercise and oxygen deprivation the muscles in my extremities are just getting weaker. I suspect my PH has to start effecting other bits of my body sooner or later. Maybe I've been lucky to last so long relatively unscathed. And it may just be one of those things, I'll give it a week and if I'm still having problems I'll talk to someone.

In the news.

I am horrified by the arrogance of pretty boy and 'teen sensation' Justin Bieber.

This arrogant little boy decided his fans were just not important enough for him to turn up to start his concert on time. For those of you who missed all the commotion I'll give you a little of the background. Bieber is currently playing a series of concerts at the O2 arena in London, some of which are on week nights or 'school nights'. The concert in question was on Tuesday and he was due on stage at eight thirty, however Bieber didn't appear until ten thirty, around the time the concert was supposed to end. Bearing in mind that his target audience is between seven and thirteen this meant that by the time he arrive on stage it was way past the bedtime of most of his audience, who were either in tears, asleep or being dragged away by angry parents who feared missing the last bus/train home. What made it worse is that Bieber refused to apologise or give any explanation  for his actions, and any refund was flatly refused. After an outcry in the media and on several social networks he finally came out with an explanation of 'technical problems', a half hearted apology and a whinge that he was actually only forty minutes late. That's OK then is it? If people are paying large amounts of money to see you perform you should have the manners to at least turn up on time. After all you are only in the position you enjoy because of the people you've just insulted.

Bieber is yet another example of an arrogant little brat who think he can do no wrong because he has some minor talent. Personally I think he sounds like at cat being strangled, but then I am not ten years old and, like most adults, can see right through the carefully crafted veneer. Fortunately as he gets older so will his fan base and hopefully he will fade into the background and disappear.

Well time to start thinking about lunch. Of course what I'd planned has gone straight out of the window because I've been unable to get to the shops. So it is a trawl of the cupboards and a bit of kitchen magic as I try to turn tinned tomatoes, beans, ham and pasta into something edible.