Sunday, 24 March 2013

When Will It End?

Woke up late this morning after a very heavy sleep to find that we'd had yet more snow overnight and it was still coming down. Now I love the look of snow, I can even put up with being snowed in when I've got nowhere to go but I start to get twitchy when I do have to go out. Unless a miracle happens in the next 24 hours I will not be driving my new car anywhere. At best I'll be in my 156, as I think in these conditions familiarity is the safest bet.

To add to my feeling of despondency my best friend cancelled our get together this morning. I fully understand, if I were going to visit her I'd do the same. Much as I love her, driving in these conditions just isn't worth the risk. Still it was a disappointment.

There are others in the house who are also hating the cold weather. As you can see from Smirnoff's expression he's not best pleased with the white stuff. Both cats are bored stiff and have started to take their irritation out on each other and we are having frequent paw batting. As Peter says, there is no reason for Smirnoff to hate the snow so much. He is a Russian Blue and his extremely dense fur is designed to cope with much worse conditions than this. I guess he's become used to a more comfortable climate though, haven't we all.

Tarmac on the other hand is less well equipped and any venture outside at the moment is quick and to the point. He prefers to spend his days like this. Yes he loves his duvet days but again, don't we all.

My cold is at a stand stiil in that it hasn't got any worse but it hasn't got any better either. I've held off with the antibiotics deciding I'm not really 'chesty' and probably don't need any just yet. However I have started taking Complan again to give myself a vitamin boost and compensate for the poorer appetite. I've already started to lose weight again and can't afford any more.

So the big question at the moment is will I actually make it into work tomorrow? I'm up against a double whammy of cold and snow but at the moment I just don't feel poorly enough not to. There are several reasons why I would prefer to go in tomorrow.
1. I've just about got to grips with the new system and don't want to forget it all again.
2. I've managed three months with only one day of sick leave, a record for me, and I would like to make it four.
3. I don't want to be ill because the first thing that happens is I stop eating. I can't let that happen.

On the other hand I promised myself that I'd be kinder to my body and listen to it more. I guess I'll just have to see how I feel at six tomorrow morning. No point in stressing about it now.

So I have a whole day with nothing to do. I did all the housework yesterday in anticipation of today's visit so I'm at a bit of a loose end. There is the Malaysian Grand Prix to watch this afternoon as I no longer have to record it so that'll be two hours taken up but what else? I suppose I'll just have to chill out and rest.

Andrew made it into his placement this morning as it seems the snow isn't as bad where he is today. He'll probably get called out to a lot of road accidents because of the weather so that will make him a happy boy. He is itching for something more than someone with a cold. As he said to me last week, 'all I want is a bit of blood'. Strange boy.

Well time for a sit down and to plan what to cook for Easter. I still cannot get my head around the fact it is next week, I suppose the weather doesn't help. Next blog wednesday.