Saturday, 30 March 2013


Well it has been an interesting and productive morning so far.

After moaning about waking up at seven yesterday, today, when I wanted to be up early, I slept until half past eight. Typical. So after a quick shower and an even quicker breakfast I started on my cooking marathon. So far the ice cream mixture is done and is now cooling so it can go into the fridge for a couple of hours before the finale in the ice cream maker. I have also started on my cannelloni with ricotta, minced beef and tomatoes, which is today's lunch. Yum. This afternoon I have to finished the ice cream, make some meringue and some raspberry coulis to go with it, then it is on to the cake.

During all this frantic activity I was interrupted by a knock on the door. Opening it I found a rather eager young man with a fist full of leaflets and a clip board. He greeted me with an excited hello and called me madam, I hate that, while extending a large paw for a handshake. This I ignored. Ten minutes later he left feeling somewhat deflated to try my neighbour. What was he selling? Gym membership. Now bare in mind that I opened the door in my full regalia of pump and oxygen. Wouldn't that alone, to any right minded individual say, this woman needs a surgeon not a personal trainer? Not to this chap it didn't who promised me, assured me that six months at his gym and my lungs would be like new. Really? Eventually he got the message and left but not before he'd pressed a leaflet and a registration form into my hand, 'just in case I changed my mind'. I give him full marks for his persistence and optimism, nil for observation and understanding. What a waste of his time and mine. He could have got the door slammed in his face by three or four people in the time he spent with this hopeless case.

Yesterday youngest son Andrew arrived home from university, unfortunately so did all his washing. To be fair he has been working twelve hour shifts on placement so he probably didn't have the time or the inclination but even so. Of course like any doting mum I am so pleased to have him home for a while I can put up with anything. How can you say no to this?

Aww bless no wonder his patients ask if he's old enough to treat them.

Well it is back to the kitchen to check on the ice cream and to put the cannelloni together and bung it in the oven. then I'm going to put my feet up for half an hour before I start all over again. Still tomorrow I will be able to relax and get away with doing very little as it is all prepared. And of course I have an extra day to relax in. If I'm lucky I might even find time to read the info I have on teaching.

In case I don't get to blog tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone.