Sunday, 17 March 2013

We Are The Champions! Again!

Oh my goodness I am so happy this morning. Wales are back to back champions in the six nations and I don't think I've stopped smiling yet.

To be honest watching these matches are so detrimental to my health but I can't help getting excited, especially when a match is as good as that. It was fast and furious and you could hear the crunch of some of the tackles. I was bouncing up and down in my seat most of the time and when first try came I jumped up waving my arms screaming so loud I frightened Smirnoff who was asleep at the other end of the settee. By the end of the match I was so washed out I felt I'd been on the pitch with the team. An hour of oxygen and an enforced rest meant I soon recovered but nothing has come close to the enjoyment I felt yesterday afternoon in a very long time so it was well worth it.

It was a very exciting day all in all as in the morning I got the call from my car dealer to say I could pick up anytime I wanted next week. I'm working Monday to Thursday with no hope of getting any time off as the new system is coming in and there is a leave embargo. So I've opted for Friday morning, I could have gone after work but I'd be tired and I want to enjoy my new toy, not rush home and park it. So now everything is done I can reveal that the car I'm actually getting is an Alfa Romeo Mito Sportiva 1.4 TB MultiAir 135 bhp in Alfa Red and it is beautiful. Pictures will be posted next weekend.

My cold seems no worse but no better so the onslaught continues as I am determined not to let it get me. I'm hoping I'm going to be lucky this time and it is just a passing visit but you just cannot tell with these things can you.

Andrew is having trouble readjusting  back from nights to days. He spent most of yesterday morning walking around in a Zombie like state before finally giving in and going to bed. It looks like he's going to have to do a bit at a time but he has until Friday to do so there is no panic.

This afternoon I'm sitting down to watch another of my sporting loves, formula one racing. I don't tend to get so worked up about these events, especially at the start of the season when it's an open field so I should be able to remain cool and collected throughout. Of course being in Australia the race has already been run so I'm frantically avoiding all news channels at the moment in an effort not to find out who won before I even get to see it.

After a couple of hours of fun I'll tackle the ironing hill and start getting ready for work tomorrow. I've made a real effort this week and bought lots of sandwich stuff and little rice/pasta pots. In order to gain weight I need to eat loads but can only eat small portions so snack through out the day. To buy all these snacks would cost me a fortune from the work canteen so I've bought them all in the supermarket. All I've got to do now is not forget to take them in. My usual trick is to have everything waiting in the fridge in a carrier bag the night before. I then move the bag to the kitchen worktop while I have breakfast where I forget about it and dash out the door leaving it there. This is going to stop and I will now dump it by the front door during breakfast, where I'll have to pick it up to open the door. Foolproof or what?

Well time to get started on lunch, I fancy a nice Balti so will spend the next hour grinding spices and marinading chicken, what an exciting life I lead.

Next blog Wednesday.