Saturday, 2 March 2013

Covered In Glory

There has been a change in our heating situation. Now we have no heat anywhere and hardly any hot water.

You know that when someone tells you to sit by a hole in the floorboards and 'watch that pipe' while they flush compressed air through it that you really shouldn't. Well yesterday we were getting desperate and in order to help I agreed to do just that as Peter checked the flow to the radiator in the dining room. The dining room radiator is connected to the living room radiator so by checking for blockages before, after and in between these two radiators he reckoned he might just find the cause, as these are the two that consistently refuse to heat up.

So with system drained and pipes disconnected I sat at the other end and waited for the air to come through. The first pipe reveal just a dribble of water and then a stream of cold air but with the second pipe there was an ominous gurgle and then a loud pop as black gunk shot out of the end of the pipe and all over me. My squeal brought Peter bounding up the stairs to find me resembling the creature from the black lagoon. The only comment was 'I think I've found our blockage then' before he went back downstairs to put everything back together again. I cleaned myself and the surrounding floorboards, fortunately we had the foresight to remove the carpet, as best I could and then we set about bleeding the system, again. Did it work, no, it just made things worse so we are back to huddling under duvets in front of the fan heater.

I am worried for a friend.

She went to see her doctor's yesterday and didn't like what they told her. She has been suffering tremendous pain with her current meds and has weaned herself off them, understandable as who wants to be in continuous pain. I think anyone would do the same especially as her specialist hospital seem to be ignoring her complaints.The trouble is that her transplant center does not agree with this course of action and told her so in no uncertain terms. Although I agree with her, I wouldn't put up with pain either, I am now concerned that she may have jeapodised her transplant chances. One of the things transplant centers are red hot on is how well you take your meds. Their concern is that if you refuse to follow doctors advice before transplant will you follow them after transplant, and of course without the medication she could become too unstable for transplant. I can see both sides in this, which makes it awkward because although I agree with my friend, I also can see where the doctor is coming from. My friend knows, I hope, that I will support her all the way, whatever her decision is, but I really, really want her to have the transplant she so richly deserves. Such a difficult, difficult situation.

Today we are supposed to be going to test drive the Mito but I'm not sure I want to now. Part of the problem is that the salesman who was supposed to call me yesterday, to answer any questions I had, didn't. There may be all sorts of reasons for this, he could be ill, have a family crisis etc but if that was the case surely someone should have rung me to let me know. One thing I cannot stand is bad manners and not ringing someone when you say you are going to is very bad manners, not to mention bad sales technique. So if I go this afternoon I will be none the wiser than I was on Thursday and if the motability bloke still isn't around I'm still not going to know anything, other than whether I like the drive of course. Talk about frustrating, now I know why I've left it so long, I absolutely hate dealing with car salesmen.

I woke this morning with the horrible thought that I only have one more lie in before I'm back to work on Monday. Why do holidays go so quickly and work days so slowly? Well better go and get a nice cup of something hot, the effects of the last one are beginning to wear off and I'm feeling cold again. Maybe I will go for that test drive after all, at least my car has a heater so I'll be warm for a couple of hours today.