Friday, 15 March 2013

Beware The Ides Of March

I hate that Warfarin clinic with a passion beyond belief.

Not only was I kept waiting for over an hour but I had an argument with the nurse taking my blood. For all the time I've been going there I've always had the tiny brown needles because I am needle phobic and anything bigger sends me running from the cubicle. Today a nurse I have been seeing for years tried to take my blood with a much bigger green needle. I freaked! While I was freaking she tried to tell me that she'd always used the green needle on me, no she hasn't, never, no way. Then she said 'well the green needles are so much more convenient for us', maybe so but I'm the patient and I'm the one getting punctured by the thing. I had my blood taken by a brown needle and have vowed never to attend the clinic again. I will of course, when I've calmed down, but anyone trying it on with a green needle is going to get punched.

Back in the real world it was a quick trip to Tesco and then back home for lunch while I wait for a very important phone call. No not that one, well OK, that one as well but more immediately the date I can collect my new car. I got a call yesterday afternoon to say all the paperwork had gone through and that they would ring me back with a pick up date today. I wasn't that bothered when I started the process but as the time gets nearer I find myself getting more and more excited. I've never had a brand new car before, or are ever likely to have one again, so this is a big moment for me.

Along with the excitement is reassurance in the fact that everything, apart from petrol, will be taken care of for me. I never have to worry about the cost of repairs if it breaks down and I will know absolutely 100% that it will start in the middle of the night when I eventually get that call. Much as I love my current car I am aware that there are things wrong with it and it could let me down at the vital moment.

Today is Comic Relief Day and don't we know it.

I find it ironic that this year Comic Relief falls on the day that Julius Caesar met his end and for me, no matter how many people in funny costumes assail me as I try to go about my business, the fifteenth of March always seems rather gloomy. Today is no exception and, although a bit warmer, the dark clouds make everything seem depressingly dull. I will probably watch some of the programme tonight though, to be fair sometimes it can be quite good, but I will go and make tea when they start on the guilt trips. I will buy the Comic Relief Single, as I do every time one is released, and will consider that to be my contribution.

The World's Catholics have a new Pope and I was highly amused at the crowd's reaction outside the Vatican when the name was announced. The crowd had already decided it was going to be the man from Milan and were disappointed and confused when it turned out to be none of the front runners but an elderly gent from Argentina. First impression is that this pope looks like a kindly Grandfather and has a reputation for humility, however the media is already digging the dirt and the mud slinging has already begun. Such a shame.

I am expecting Andrew home later today, fresh from his four night shifts with the London Ambulance service. I haven't heard from him since the first night which means he's either been very busy, is absolutely shattered and can't be bothered to text or he hasn't remembered to charge his phone. However if I don't hear from him by tomorrow I will be hot footing it down to Hatfield to check on him.

Well in anticipation of his arrival I'm baking a walnut and banana loaf, one of his favourites. I suspect that his food consumption hasn't been what it should have been over the last few days so I'll be practically force feeding him good wholesome meals and loads of veg and fruit to make up.

Tomorrow it is that all important Wales versus England rugby match to determined the Six Nations Champions. I will, of course, be glued to the TV and may even dig out my Welsh Rugby shirt for the occasion.

This weekend is a double whammy as on Sunday it is the start of the Formula One season and the opening race in Australia. You all know who I'll be cheering but I think this year more of my hopes will lie more with Jenson rather than Lewis.

So to give myself something to do while I wait for the garage to call, I'd better get going and start mashing those banana's. After all my afternoons are booked for the next two days so it I don't do it now it just won't happen..