Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stressful Saturdays And Lazy Sundays

Well things are looking up. Just as we were giving up hope we get a call from a garage, not a million miles from our original dealer, to say not only did they have the car I wanted, in a colour I liked, though not grey unfortunately, but it was all ready to go if I wanted it. So we high tailed it down there and put my name to it. It is lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on it but I'll have to wait until all the paperwork goes through, though not too long, the predicted pick up is Sunday or Monday next week.

On the way home we called into the original dealer to abort the process with them and get my deposit back. To say we met with some resistance would be an understatement. Apparently the fact they sold me a car that they'd already sold to someone else and didn't return my  phone calls was all my fault for choosing an awkward colour. Excuse me, out of the five colours they said they had available that was the colour I chose. If it hadn't been given as an option, I wouldn't have chosen it. Then the salesman moaned that 'he'd spent a lot of time on you.' Really? Well you didn't spent it talking to me or updating me on what was actually happening did you. He then said he couldn't refund me or remove my application from the system because it was Saturday. Strange then that he could process both on a Sunday last week. Then he said that he had three cars lined up that may be available to me but he wouldn't know until Monday. I pointed out that 'may' wasn't good enough and as I'd just sat in the car I was buying from the other garage he could consider our association at an end. I then showed him the contract stating the make, model, colour and date of delivery that I'd signed for and expressed the view that they had actually broken the contract anyway because they couldn't supply what they'd promised, when they'd promised. In the end we left without my agreement being cancelled or any money returned and the salesman promising to ring me on Monday, to sort it out. Peter will be dealing with him on Monday and if they still refuse to cancel the application or refund the deposit he will be calling motability and Alfa head office. Watch this space.

Interestingly the man I dealt with at the new dealership was older, much more polite and obviously disabled himself. He said that during the time he has been using the motability scheme he has come across some appalling behaviour from certain dealers. He says that he's known cases where cars promised to motability customers have been sold to normal motorists because motablility customers are seen as second class, even though motability customers are actually paying similar amounts, it's really just the deposit and service arrangements that differ. He's even known garages to try and force motability customers to accept unpopular colours or models or both by limiting choice for such customers. We were told all this without even mentioning what had happened with the other dealer. When we told him that something similar had happened to us he said he wasn't surprised.

I have to admit I'm surprised at what has happened as most of the people I know think the scheme is wonderful and have no complaints about their treatment. Which is why I decided to try it. My guess is that Alfa don't get many motability customers and to be honest they never have had a good reputation for customer service so really I should have known it was never going to be as smooth a ride as I'd hoped.

So after a stress filled Saturday I started Sunday in style by sleeping through until nine and then spending another half hour soaking in a deep scented bath before enjoying breakfast with the news papers. Lunch was homemade lasagna and then I put my feet up and watched a movie.

Andrew pulled an all nighter over Saturday/Sunday as he prepares for his week of night shifts with the London Ambulance service so he slept the day away and is still asleep now, though I've been told to wake him after four if he isn't up. I have to admit I am worried about him but he got through his last placement without any problems so I suspect he'll just get on and enjoy himself while I sit at home hoping he hasn't forgotten his stab vest.

In the news Justin Bieber has vowed never to return to the UK proving once again that there is a God (and it's not Justin despite what he believes).

I love it when idiots with an inflated sense of self importance make threats like this. Does he really think anyone, except his most ardent fans and he's got fewer of them this week, cares one iota where he comes back or not? I suspect everyone involved in organising this tour is breathing a sigh of relief and planning a massive celebration the moment he steps on the plane out of here.

Well it's back to work tomorrow and they are predicting snow, we've had a few flakes today. When is it going to get warmer I wonder as I'm just a little fed up with winter now. Next blog Wednesday.