Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Well I got the expected call from Harefield and am really not much further on. The bad news is I'm still waiting for a decision, there is no meeting again this week. The good news is that I'm the first case up for the meeting on the 28th June and will be called that afternoon with an answer. So another ten days of waiting and nail biting and swinging between desperately hoping they'll say yes while at the same time dreading it. Honestly I've been through so many different emotions over the last few weeks I'm exhausted.

To pass some of the time we blitzed Milton Keynes shopping center this afternoon and returned with new shoes for Peter, various holiday stuff for Andrew and a roll of surgical tape for me, last of the big spenders or what. Yesterday we bought an ice cream maker so we popped into Tesco on the way home and got lots of ingredients with which to make said ice cream. Andrew cannot eat commercial ice cream as it has lots of added whey powder, which he's allergic too. Making my own will be fun (I hope) and I know exactly what is in it so should be safe for him. I've bought stuff to make a plain vanilla as a first run. Raspberry frozen yoghurt and orange and mango sorbet will follow tomorrow provided the first one is a success. If it is not then I'll just eat the fruit and yoghurt as they are, no big deal. At the very least it will give me something to do and if it works out I can get down to some serious experimentation to keep my mind off everything else.

It has been a nice day, not too hot but sunny most of the time. I hope it is the same tomorrow as I'm now itching to get out and do some photography. I've only got two days of my holiday left and apart from shopping haven't left the house yet. Not my fault, it is very difficult getting any motivation when it is bucketing down.

Andrew has already declared himself bored even though his exams only finished yesterday. So he spent yesterday afternoon weeding (decimating) my herb garden. The only things left standing are my sage, rosemary and marjoram, everything else has gone. He meant well but I could weep at the loss of my thyme, which he thought was clover. Luckily herbs are pretty resilient and I'm hoping they will recover given time. If not a swift trip to the garden center will fix things and what I've lost is not expensive. Tomorrow I've got him clearing up the patio which has been left scattered with earth and leaves. He of course is also counting down the days, but for his holiday so he has taken my request in good heart as 'anything to make the time go quicker' seems to be his current motto.

Well I'm off to give the ice cream maker a go, I'll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.