Monday, 4 June 2012



Well I hate to say I told you so but I told you so, the big day is here and it is cold and wet.

I woke up around nine after the best night's sleep I've had in ages. You don't realise how much things affect you until it is over. I was exhausted and couldn't even read before going to sleep and didn't wake once in the night. My leg is much more comfortable today and is healing well so I don't think I'm going to have any delayed problems but I will be keeping off my feet as much as possible over the next couple of days as ordered just to be on the safe side.

The cats have been all over me since I got home and no wonder as Andrew confessed that they had forgotten to feed them twice during my absence. It seems it was a classic 'I thought you had' confusion but even so, poor puddies. The problem I have is that they both want to sit on my lap and as I have a sore groin I would rather they didn't. Naturally they don't understand and are more determined than ever. I woke up this morning with one on each side huddled up as tight as they could get, it's a wonder they didn't get squished.

This afternoon saw me once again in the land of nod as I dropped off in front of the TV. Maybe this stay in hospital has hit me harder than I thought. My get up and go has definitely got up and gone at the moment. We were going to go out and tackle Tesco's but Peter has vetoed this idea stating I'm obviously not recovered enough yet, he is probably right.


Woke up to no Internet connection and a monsoon. Fed up we decided to go and do our shopping in the hope that the rest of the bank holiday would be nice enough for us to spend sometime relaxing in the garden. After lunch we all settled down to watch the river pageant, well there was little else to do, and I must admit I rather enjoyed it. I did feel really sorry for the Queen though who at one point looked absolutely frozen. Whoever designed that barge should have taken the Great British weather into account and hidden a couple of patio heaters on deck. Philip on the other hand looked remarkably perky and didn't seem affected by the cold but then he did have a thick uniform on and no doubt was wearing thermals underneath it all. At eighty seven and ninety respectively the Queen and Prince Philip did well to complete the journey still upright. Others younger than them were being dragged off boats and treated for hypothermia all over the place.

The Internet flicker briefly back to life late afternoon but it wasn't to last so I lay on the bed and read for a while while Peter went out to the garage to fiddle with the car and Andrew got on with his revision.

The evening was taken up by the finals of The Apprentice. It was the interviews and this is where we find out just how much substance is behind all the showing off and as usual the answer was not a lot. Jade was first to go after a dreadful interview where her business plan was revealed as basically cold calling and selling on peoples details so someone else could cold call them. An unsavory business idea which was quickly rejected. Jade had also failed to present figures, and as we all know Lord Sugar loves to know how much he is going to make. She also lied on her CV claiming to have already bought several websites only to turn red faced when the interviewer told he owned one of them. It was obvious to anyone that Jade was onto a loser.

Nick faired little better because his business idea has already been done and was far too complicated and technical for Lord Sugar to understand. Lord Sugar said he didn't understand computers, which is odd as he built his business selling them. Nick's idea was a website where you could take a recipe from another website or magazine or TV show, type it into Nick's website and all the ingredients needed would be ordered for you. Sounds good but, as was pointed out to him, who would actually use it? I don't plan meals more than an hour or two ahead unless it is for a special occasion and then I stick to tried and trusted meals. I think the majority of working mum's probably do the same. It was never going to get off the ground and Nick was out of the door.

So it left Tom and Ricky. Tom had already proved his worth by running his own very successful wine business. At twenty three he was the youngest of the candidates but had the best business plan. Suspicion fell on him when it was revealed that his father was his partner and was in investments, which is exactly what Tom was putting forward in his business plan. The question was asked whether he'd written his business plan or daddy did. In the end it was decided that Tom's proposed wine investment business was too risky in the current climate and with reluctance he was also sent packing.

So the winner was Ricky Martin, who confessed to changing his name from Richard to make him easier to remember. Ricky's CV was hilarious with Ricky likening himself to the god Thor but not really knowing what Thor was the god of. Margaret's eyebrows did a a little two step and her eyes sparkled as she desperately tried not to laugh. Ricky's business was a specialist recruitment agency which again was deemed to be a bit of a risk in the current climate. However it had one redeeming feature, Lord Sugar had done something similar before so Ricky was in despite cheekily putting in his business plan that he'd 'teach an old dog new tricks.'

We had our own little drama last night to liven things up. Not really into The Apprentice, Peter decided to make us some toasties. He busied himself in the kitchen then went upstairs saying he'd be back down in a few moments. The first thing I noticed was a rather sweet sickly smell, I looked up and saw the hall looking a bit 'misty'. I shot into the kitchen and found it full of smoke. I shouted to Andrew to open the doors and windows to stop the smoke alarms going off, while I turned off the sandwich maker and the microwave. I then noticed the smoke was coming from the microwave rather than the sandwich maker and opened the door to be engulfed in another wave of acrid smoke. I soon worked out what had happened. Peter had decided to use the microwave timer to ensure the toasties were perfectly cooked but instead of setting the timer he'd switched the microwave to high, effectively cremating the muffins left over from tea which we'd put in the microwave to stop the cats eating them. I carefully removed the offending items, which were still smoking, and put them outside the back door to cool. As I returned to the kitchen Peter appeared enquiring why all the doors and windows were open when it was freezing cold and pouring down outside. We all had a good laugh while clearing up and then ate out toasties, which were delicious.

And so to bed, again with windows open because of the smell, to listen to the rain hammering down and drift off to sleep.