Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Good News Travels Slowly

The home made vanilla ice cream was delicious so I'm being a bit more adventurous today and attempting raspberry. We ate the entire batch yesterday so I'm expecting the same to happen today, good job I'm trying to put on weight and not take it off.

Talking of putting on weight I've reached the heady heights of  seven stone nine pounds, the heaviest I've been in a year. Maybe all this sitting around at home has been a good thing after all. If I can keep the weight then that is another box ticked for transplant.

I was cheered this morning by receiving the written report on my Right Heart Catheter. Right at the bottom, after all the medical jargon, half of which I don't understand, is one lovely little sentence. 'In summary, Mrs Roberts has severe pulmonary arterial hypertension, no residual aortopulmonary window and the outcome of the discussion was that she would benefit from a lung transplant.' Big sigh of relief, they found nothing that would prevent me from having the transplant which is very encouraging. Of course I can't count my chickens yet as there may be something else that could put a spanner in the works but for now I'm feeling a lot happier than I did after my phone call on Monday.

Well my camera batteries are charged and, although it isn't as sunny as it was yesterday, I'm going out this afternoon to snap a few frames. I need to get out for three reasons, 1. it will make the 28th come quicker. 2. I haven't been able to get out except for shopping during the whole of my break. And 3. I've been invited to take part in an exhibition in London in September, which is very exciting. Of course from the minute I was asked to contribute it has pored down, typical. The exhibition is on behalf of the PHA and Royal Brompton PH service so naturally I really want to do something for them as they've done so much for me. With a bit of luck I'll get a couple of great shots today, if I do I'll post them here so you can take a look.

With only six days to go I still haven't received my new blue badge, which is a little worrying. I'm not planning a trip into any of the big towns over the next week where the badge is worth it's weight in gold but I'd still like the security of having the thing before the old one actually runs out. In theory, because I get the maximum DLA for mobility, it should be an automatic renewal but as with everything else more checks are being made on eligibility which means everything takes longer. If nothing has arrived by Monday then I'll have to ring them and give them a bit of a hurry up.

In the news it is the strange case of Julian Assange. If you have been living under a rock for the last year you might well have missed all the fuss so a quick recap. Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and is a thorn in the side of the authorities of a lot of countries because he keeps leaking diplomatic secrets. The American's in particular don't like him and have made several attempts to get hold of him for various national security violations. In an unexpected twist the Swedish authorities put in a request for extradition on the grounds of rape and sexual assault. Although details haven't been released they must have put up a convincing case because extradition was granted. Since then Assange has been on bail while several appeals go through. Yesterday in a surprise move Assange rocked up at the Ecuadorian embassy claiming asylum. The Ecuadorians are considering his case and in the meantime if Assange sets one foot out of the embassy he will be arrested for breaking his bail.

What makes this case interesting is all the conspiracy theories floating around. The main theory is this, Assange is an Australian who has set up residence in the UK for whatever reason, probably because it is more central for his business interests. Despite what everyone thinks it isn't that easy for the US to extradite someone from the UK for the sort of crimes Assange is being accused of, especially as it is rather difficult to prove he's actually done anything wrong himself. For whatever reason it is thought to be easier for the US to extradite from Sweden. So someone has cooked up a charge of rape and sexual assault to get Assange extradited to Sweden on a more serious charge that the UK courts can't ignore. Once he's there the USA will request extradition knowing they are more likely to be successful. I have no idea if any of this is true or not but it is an interesting theory and not one that can be totally dismissed as fantasy. I also don't know what the relationship between the US and Ecuador is like but I'm willing to bet for Assange to be seeking asylum there I'd say extradition is near impossible. It is going to be interesting to see how all this eventually gets resolved. I think Assange will end up in jail, the only question is where?

Just got back from the trip out. Not as successful as I hoped, no cygnets. Did get some photo's though which I will share once I've uploaded them to my computer and vetted them.