Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hair and Heir

Knowing that today could be the day I hear whether I'm on the transplant list or not I've been keeping myself busy. I had a good night's sleep but woke with a slightly scratchy throat. I'm really hoping I haven't caught Peter's cold.

Hot on the heels of cleaning the oven I set about steam cleaning the settee's and curtains in the living room. Normally I'd take down and wash the curtains but you can't tumble dry them so it is finding a day hot enough to do them that is proving a bit of a problem. aAn hour later and a follow up squirt of Febreeze and I was done. I would have done the windows as well but I'd already used up my energy reserves for the morning so I've penciled them in for tomorrow. I've got a pile of ironing lined up for after lunch, at least I can do that sitting down so it shouldn't be too tiring.

So desperate were they to talk football on the news last night that they held a discussion about Wayne Rooney's hair style. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I don't care about football but I care even less about a thick thug's new hairdo.I suspect that England's chances of winning are so bleak any distraction will do.

In the newspaper this morning some fashion guru was having another dig at the Duchess of Cambridge. Over the last few weeks there have been various articles showing how the Duchess 'recycles' dresses, hats, shoes and coats as if it were the worst thing she could possibly do. I'd like to meet the woman who doesn't wear an item of clothing at least twice. The trouble is the Duchess, or any other female member of the royal family for that matter, is never going to win. If they have a new outfit for every public occasion there would be an outcry over the expense and 'not setting an example in these times of austerity' etc. If they use something twice then they are 'penny pinching' as if that is somehow wrong or embarrassing. I like having a royal family and accept that some of my taxes go towards their upkeep so it is nice to know that savings are being made, however small. One last point, no one ever complains if the males royals wear the same suit and tie day in day out.

Andy Murray crashed out of Queen's yesterday after reaching just the second round. He says he will be much better for Wimbledon, I won't be holding my breath.

An eighteen year old footballer has been charged with the murder of our local school girl. Wouldn't you just know football would be involved somewhere. Details of exactly what happened haven't been released yet and probably won't be until the case goes to trial. According to the papers he had a promising future ahead of him, not anymore. It will be interested to see what the club he is attached to does about this. Will they immediately drop him? Will they wait until the outcome of the trial and then drop him? As football seems to turn a blind eye to any sort of wrong doing I wouldn't be at all surprised if they keep him on and penciled him in for the next world cup. Seriously though it is dreadful that someone of such a young age could do something so hidious. Rumours abound that not only had the pair been drinking but that cannabis was also present at the party. I have no way of knowing if this is true but I'm willing to bet his state of mind will be blamed on one or the other or both.

Talking of murder the parents charged with the murder of their six children in Derby are being kept away from the funeral. Naturally they are objecting, saying they want to say goodbye properly. The police have refused them permission for their own safety. Now normally I'd argue that as long as they are handcuffed to a police officer what harm can it do, especially as they haven't actually been proved guilty yet. However if their presence is likely to cause a riot, and thinking about their court appearance it will, then it is better they are kept away so the little ones can be buried with dignity.

Well I've got things to do, lunch for a start. I'll let you know tomorrow whether I got the call of not.