Friday, 15 June 2012

Road To Nowhere

Do you ever feel that you're battling your way through treacle and not getting anywhere? That's what I feel like at the moment. Just as I was giving up on getting a call from Harefield I got one. Unfortunately it wasn't the one I'd been hoping for. It seems that there was no meeting this week as one of the consultants that make the decisions was on holiday. There also will not be a meeting next week because the other consultant will also be on holiday. The call was to reassure me that they'd received my test results and I hadn't been forgotten. It is good of them to keep me in the loop I suppose but it is such a let down when you've been waiting so long for an actual answer. I was informed that my consultant will call me on Monday to let me know where they are in the decision making process and to discuss any questions I might have. Well I only have one question 'AM I ON THE BLOODY LIST OR NOT?' I am consoling myself with the thought that at least I'm not still waiting to have the tests, and the way the NHS works that is a miracle in itself.

The weather is foul, apparently the worst storm for fifty years is blowing in from the Atlantic and is due to hit us later today. Worst storm in fifty years? Is this going to be worse than the hurricane in 1987 then, which was just over thirty years ago? No, it is just going to be wet and windy as it has been the last three months. I do wish reporters would get their facts right before spouting such rubbish.

I am exactly half way through my twelve day holiday and thanks to the weather have yet to blow the dust off my camera. Still if the storm is going to be as bad as they say I might get some good shots, providing someone manages to anchor me to the pavement. If you can't beat 'em etc.

My mum sent me Aberystwyth's local paper with all the pictures and reports on the flooding last week. It was far worse and far more extensive than the TV news reports would have you believe. Local people started muttering when building work started near the river Rheidol but as is usual fears were brushed aside by money grabbing counselors and developers. And now there are questions as to why a new hotel and a retail park were allowed to be built on a flood plan. If any of the builders had asked any of these muttering locals, instead of listening to the politicians, they would have been told that the nice piece of flat ground they'd bought flooded most years. Now, of course, everything is under water and about to get doused again. I suspect the muttering locals are secretly pleased they have been proved right.

While watching the lunchtime news, full of flood warnings of course, the clouds suddenly parted and bright warm sunshine flooded the kitchen and the living room. It has remained sunny though windy since then. I think in future I'll be prepared for anything opposite of what is being predicted. It is the only way to stay sane. Unfortunately everywhere is very damp and the wind is making it feel cold otherwise I'd be out on the decking like a shot with a book and a Pimms.  As it is I'm opening the windows in the living room and will be enjoying some sun, fresh air and my book from the dry comfort of my settee. It also saves me having to run if a sudden shower comes over.

My car is having it's MOT tomorrow, yes, really, I do mean mine this time. Wish me luck.