Saturday, 16 June 2012

Storm In A Teacup

I knew it, there was no escape, I've got the cold. I've had a scratchy throat for the last few days but nothing else and was secretly hoping I'd got away with it, until this morning. The first thing I noticed was that my nose felt as though it was about to burst, moving my head encouraged the dull throb into a full blown headache and I feel slightly nauseous. Now the battle is on to prevent it from turning into a full blown chest infection.

Last night I witnessed the most interesting thing about football I've ever seen. Lying on the settee casually channel hopping trying to find something intelligent to watch I suddenly got a text. It said 'turn onto ITV quick.' Thinking there was a news item or something similar I did and was greeted by the most spectacular thunderstorm . Why can't we get storms like that, it was fantastic. Forked lightening, torrential rain and deafening thunder, absolutely brilliant. I was so disappointed when it cleared up and the football started again.

Talking of weather, well the 'worst storm for fifty years' didn't quite live up to it's billing. We've had some strong gusts of windy but nothing really bad and it has remained mostly dry. I don't know whether the west of the country faired worse but so far no reports of floods or wind damage on any of the news sites.

What is in the news is the story of a nine year old girl and her school dinner website.

Set up to raise money for a charity called Mary's Meals, Martha hit on the idea of taking a daily picture of her school dinner and rating it out of ten. All was going well until one of the tabloids took up the story and called for the dinner ladies to be sacked. The local council took exception to this and banned Martha from taking any more pictures. Anyone seeing what Martha and her school friends were expected to eat each day might be forgiven for thinking the tabloids had a point. Has the school ever heard of vegetables? And no, three slices of cucumber does not count. After a back lash from everyone from celebrities to government ministers the council has done a spectacular U turn and will now allow Martha to continue taking photo's for her blog. I just hope that they have been shamed into providing better meals as well. If you want to see what all the fuss is about here is the link, if you visit please don't forget to donate.

Well it is MOT day and I'm off shortly with fingers firmly crossed as if my car doesn't pass that will be both vehicles off the road, not ideal when I'm hoping to be put on the transplant list and need reliable transport. Peter has struggled all week to find the cause of his failure (emissions). My car is much younger and as been driven less vigorously than his and a quick check of the breaks, tyres, lights etc has not thrown up any areas for concern. Of course I have no way of checking for emissions apart from my sense of smell. I cannot smell anything amiss but that doesn't put me totally in the clear. It is going to be another tense afternoon.

Laurence is coming to tea this afternoon and will no doubt be discussing his intentions to get a pair of kitties to keep him company. Although he likes living on his own he says he does miss having a pet to come home to. I can understand that, I'd be lost without my two little furry fellas. I am planning home made burgers with all the trimmings for tea, I just hope I'm feeling well enough to enjoy them.