Monday, 11 June 2012


We are in the middle of a monsoon, there can be no other explanation for what I woke up to this morning. Yesterday I managed to get all my washing out and dried and happily mooched around the house in sandals. Today I've got thick socks on, we've already had the heating on and our patio looks like a paddling pool. According to my weather station we've had an inch of rain in the last twenty four hours and as it wasn't raining when we went to bed at ten thirty last night all that has fallen in the last twelve.

The Daily Mail has christened the murder I spoke of yesterday the 'Home Alone Murder', well it was inevitable I suppose. A few more details have emerged and the boy they arrested is now said to have just turned eighteen in the last month. If that is the case and he goes to the same school as Andrew then there is every chance Andrew knows him. How scary is that?

There was chaos around the school this morning. If there is a problem at the school parents are alerted by text and we received the first around seven thirty. This alert was to say several buses were not running from certain areas and could parents deliver students to school themselves. The second, half an hour later, that buses from other areas were running but would be late. Usually there is a brief explanation but none was forthcoming today so I can only conclude that it is one out three possible reasons. The school in inundated with media bods, the weather has drowned out the bus company or the bus company assumed that today was a teacher training day and they were not needed. My money is on the weather, as if anything goes wrong it is always the weather that is at fault.

Talking of weather my family in Aberystwyth are high and dry, quite literally living on a hill, and the only concession to the flooding is the lack of bus services. In Edinburgh my brother and his family have managed to avoid the legionnaire's outbreak so far and are taking every precaution to lake sure they continue to do so.

Back home I've gritted my teeth and cleaned my oven. I absolutely hate cleaning the oven but it had to be done and to be honest it wasn't that bad. I put the shelves through the dishwasher and liberally sprayed the over with Mr Muscle and shut the door and left it for a couple of hours. The hardest part is wiping it all off. I have to be careful of the fumes so I opened the kitchen windows and worked as quickly as I could. It is now bright and sparkly and I am going to hate having to use it for dinner as I'd like to keep it that way.

Got my usual call from Laurence last night, he is fine and is coming around on Saturday for a tea of homemade burgers (I don't have to use the oven) and a gossip.

Watched the Grand Prix this morning, as it was on too late for me yesterday, and I was delighted with Hamilton's win. Really wish Button had managed at least a top ten place but his time will come, we are not even halfway through the season yet.

This afternoon I'm on my own for a short while as Peter is in work and Andrew has his exam. I intend to use the time well and veg out on the sofa while catching up on Neighbours.

The rain is continuing to fall and parts of the county are experiencing severe flooding. Peter has just text me to say he's had trouble getting to work and the school have just text to say that there will be delays on some bus routes due to flooding and buses having to re-route. Not for the first time I'm pleased we are also on a hill. Most of the time I hate being on a hill simply because it means I'm trapped in the house unless I have access to a mobility scooter or a car. However having seen my neighbours at the bottom of the road being pumped out it can be a blessing.

As I write I am keeping a worried eye on the level of water on our patio. It has risen significantly since this morning and the rain is still coming down in buckets.To be fair it has never reached the top of the step from the house onto the patio but that doesn't mean it won't. There is a first time for everything. To add to my troubles the electricity seems to be on it's way out as the lights keep flickering up and down, so I'd better get this blog posted while I can.

Stay safe and dry everyone.