Sunday, 10 June 2012

In The News

Twelve days off, oh yes! I made it to my holiday without having them canceled because of sickness. Unfortunately the weather is going to be mixed but I'm determined to enjoy myself, so it will be out with the camera on dry days and watching DVD's on wet ones. Nothing is planned, we are just going to play it by ear.

My home town was all over the news yesterday with several caravan parks around the area under water. Aberystwyth is a popular seaside town and the majority of summer visitors rent or bring their own caravans as hotel space is limited. Being Wales holiday makers can expect a few damp days during their holidays but this was taking it to extremes. I'm just glad that no one was hurt.

The village is in somber mood today as news filters through that one of the pupils at our high school was killed at a party. The girl was only fifteen and popular at school, which is hopefully preparing for a lot of upset pupil's turning up tomorrow. With GCSE's in full swing it couldn't have come at a worst time, not that there is any good time for murder but you know what I mean, they have all the exam stress to cope with and now this on top. Andrew knows her only in passing as he is two years above her but a lot of his friends have sisters or brothers in the same year and apparently Facebook is awash with outpourings of shock and grief. The papers have a photo of her which shows a slightly out of focus but pretty girl smiling at the camera, probably taken from Facebook. The media are saying that the police are questioning a nineteen year old , if true and he is the killer then at least we don't have the worry of a murderer roaming the area, something to be grateful for I guess.

You hear of dreadful murders all over the country but it really brings it home how awful it is when it affects your community. I sincerely hope the school keeps the media well away from the students tomorrow as they really don't need anymore distractions or upset. Andrew has his Physics A level exam tomorrow and is hoping things will be as normal as possible. The chatter on Facebook is that the killer was either a boyfriend or someone she knew quite well, not really surprising as a high percentage of murders are carried out by someone the victim is either related to or knows well. I guess it will all come out eventually and we'll know exactly what went on and who the killer is. Personally I feel sorry for both the victim and the killer as it is not one but two young lives ruined.

Work this week has been a bit, well odd. The work has been steady rather than frantic but despite not being rushed off my feet by the end of the third day I was dead tired and beginning to get cranky. An early night and a late start on day four helped enormously and in the end I didn't have to request an early exit as I'd feared. I can only put it down to having the RHC. I didn't sleep much in the days running up to it and with the stress of being canceled and then re-booked and the fear of the whole thing must have just knocked me for six. Unusually since having the RHC I have slept like the dead every night and if I could would probably sleep most of the day as well.

As I expected I didn't hear from Harefield this week but admit that I am a bit disappointed. I knew it was going to be very unlikely that I'd hear so soon due to the extended bank holiday but I did hold out a little bit of hope. So I'm expecting to hear sometime this week instead. It is annoying being in limbo for so long but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

In the news Prince Philip is ninety one today and thankfully out of hospital. I do hope he enjoys his birthday and is allowed to rest along with the Queen. After last weekend they both need it.

Euro 2012 has started and the TV on all channels are awash with football or football related programmes. Last night all I wanted to do after a heavy four days was to sit down with my feet up and watch something good. Having flicked through the channels we decided on a film night and watched Star Trek instead. I don't mind anyone watching a bit of sport, I like rugby, tennis and formula one for instance but, with the possible exception of the Wimbledon fortnight, no other sport can wipe out a TV schedule like football can. I know it is our national sport but the whole nation doesn't love it. There are plenty who wouldn't shed a tear if it were banned and they also pay their TV licenses and so should be given a choice, and I don't mean slapping a black and white movie on BBC 2 either.

One final point regarding the football. There has been much angst about the racism encountered by various players of African and Asian decent and a lot of football bosses, coaches and pundits have been discussing how to take racism out of football. I'd take them all more seriously if they hadn't included thug John Terry, who is to stand trial for racism shortly, in the England squad. Ever heard of leading by example boys?