Thursday, 28 June 2012

Decision Day

I can't even think of what to put in blog today. I'm so stressed out. I had a better night's sleep but woke up with a knot as big as a fist in my stomach and I feel sick. Part of me knows it is going to be 'no' while the other half still has hope it will be a 'yes'. My concentration is all to pot and I'm snappy.

Yesterday I tackled a mountain of ironing, cleaned the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms and sorted out the airing cupboard just to keep busy, which of course means I have nothing left to do today. Well I do but I'm not in the mood.

This afternoon Andy Murray will be on court again but if the weather continues as it did yesterday then I'm likely to have heard before he starts to play so he will not provide the desperately needed distraction. Also on court and through to the third round is Brit wild card wonder boy Jamie Ward. The odds are stacked against him but it is not unknown for an unseeded wild card to win the championship, unfortunately being a Brit wild card he'll probably go out today but I look forward to seeing him in years to come.

Fortunately there have been no calls from Indian gentlemen wanting to fix my computer so claiming to have an apple mac may have been the answer to stopping this annoyance.

The weather is muggy which is not helping matters as it is affecting my breathing and making me feel off colour. I'm blaming the weather though it could be that the cold that has been hanging around for ages might finally be traveling south to my chest. I might book myself in for a check over at my GP's tomorrow just to be on the safe side. I haven't had a day off sick since January/February and I am rather keen to keep it that way.

 That'll be a 'no' for transplant then.