Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Well Murray's match was very exciting and for once for all the right reasons. I would say he played better than he has ever done. I felt sorry for Davydenko but he was totally outclassed, and it is not often you can say that about Murray. It is far too early to be optimistic as Murray is in a very tough group and still has six matches to play. Each one will be agony of course and will get tougher. At the moment I'm just grateful I have another day of tennis to watch. Of course for once Murray isn't on his own with three other Brits making their way through to the second round. I'm particularly impressed by James Ward, I think he is definitely one to look out for in the future.

Despite promising sunshine and temperatures as high as 28C I awoke this morning to leaden skies and a slight misting of fine rain on the window. What a pity, I was looking forward to a relaxing read and a doze on the decking this afternoon. Instead I will tackle the mountain that is two weeks worth of ironing. With Andrew no longer at school I was hoping for the ironing to diminish as I no longer had school shirts and trousers to do. Instead there seems to be more than ever. I suspect he has put his whole wardrobe out for washing with a view of not having to do any laundry whilst abroad. In this weather he'll be luck if I get it all dry in time, still I do have the best part of two days in which to try and things might perk up this afternoon.

Like most people claiming tax credits I had my renewal pack last week so today I filled it in and realised I had to notify them of a change of circumstance, Andrew leaving school. I was on the phone for over eleven minutes before I actually got to speak to a real human being, disgraceful! When I did finally get to a human I was asked all sorts of questions that really were not related to Andrew and then I realised he was telling me that because I had higher mobility and higher care DLA I could claim severe disability tax credit. For once the wait was worth it.

Now that I've finally got my blue badge I can tackle yet another mountain of bureaucracy namely the congestion charge. Being disabled and owner of a blue badge I can drive through central London without paying the congestion charge. To do this I need to provide proof of my blue badge, along with identity and a nominal £10 payment. For the last couple of weeks I've been plagued by reminders which I've been unable to respond to because they need a photocopy of my new badge which I didn't have. Now that I have my badge, Andrew is photocopying it as we speak, I notice that I only have to pay the renewal fee if I haven't responded for ninety days after the expiry of my old claim. So why the panic and the waste of money sending reminder after reminder? Don't they read their own rules?

I'm still being plagued by phone calls from scammers wanting to 'fix my computer'. In desperation when the last idiot told me he was from Microsoft I said I only had apple computers, I haven't had a call since. Coincidence, probably but I'd like to think they've finally crossed me off their list. It is irritating that the telephone preference service only stops calls from in this country and nothing can be done about scams from outside the UK. We have now put caller id onto our phones and anything coming up as 'international' just doesn't get answered.

Tomorrow is the big day and I had a terrible night's sleep last night and am expecting an even worse one tonight. I'll be answering every call tomorrow just in case and I wouldn't like to be the scam artist that gets me. Tomorrow I won't be holding back.