Monday, 18 June 2012

Game, Set, Disqualified

Well my afternoon in the sun didn't last long. Within an hour clouds began to roll in and combined with the wind it became pretty chilly out there. Chased back inside I decided to watch the men's final of Queen's. Switching on I was surprised to see that neither player was one of the big names in tennis. Of course I hadn't been watching much of this tournament so had completely missed the fact that all of the top players had departed unusually early. I'd only seen Murray go out. Not having anyone I really wanted to back I was in the unusual position, for me, of watching a game from an indifferent perspective. I joined half way through the first set and quickly learned that not having anyone to back made the game a bit, well, boring. I stuck with it though and soon I was really pleased I had.

In a 'blink and you miss it' moment Nalbandian was disqualified for abusing a line judge. I suddenly sat forward in my seat aware that this might just turn into the most interesting tennis match this year. Like everyone else I'd missed exactly what had happened and just saw Nalbandian bending over an elderly gent with blood on his leg. A replay showed what had happened and it was truly shocking. Nalbandian messed up a shot and in a fit of temper charged towards the judge and kicked a bit of board into his leg. There could be no doubt that the action was deliberate as Nalbandian had to run several paces to get to the board. I have no doubt, however, that the injury to the judge was unintentional, I think Nalbandian thought the boards were firmly fixed and would withstand his kick. What followed was an unseemly scramble of officials trying to decide what to do accompanied by boos and jeers from the crowd. Any true tennis fan would know that physically abusing an official means instant disqualification. Instead they booed the decision and also booed poor Cilic when presented with the trophy. I don't see why, he had absolutely nothing to do with it and had kept his cool during the match, which is more than can be said for Nalbandian who regularly bounced his racquet around in frustration. In the end it was a match that will be debated for weeks if not months and will no doubt be mentioned every time Nalbandian plays until the day he retires. A sad end to a disappointing tournament, let's hope Wimbledon is better.

Andrew sits his last exam today and officially finishes his school career. Now I can start getting my house back. There are papers and books everywhere and we haven't been able to use the dining room table, except on special occasions, for months. I can finally remove all the index cards that are stuck to every available surface and stop reading about nuclear fusion every time I open the cupboard door to get a teabag. Now begins the long wait for the results and really they have never been more vital. Although Andrew has been offered a place at uni he still needs to get good grades to get in. He shouldn't have a problem but you never can never assume. Until the results are out nothing is guaranteed. Before he starts stressing he's off for a gap month in Bulgeria. He went over for a week in February after his last set of exams and liked it so much he's decided to go for longer. As he has friends over there his accommodation is sorted so all he has to provide is his spending money, I've paid for his flights. Once again I'll be nervous about him going but probably not as bad as I was first time around, at least I hope not.

I've been promised a phone call from Harefield today. At time of writing I've heard nothing but then they do tend to call in the afternoon's so I'm not that bothered, yet. I suspect any call I get will be of a stalling nature and I won't be told definitely until the panel meet again in three weeks time. I did all my jobs on Thursday while waiting for the last call so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to keep busy today. I think a few episodes of Father Ted are called for.

Fell about laughing this morning when I saw a headline in my newspaper describing Wayne Rooney as a 'big man'. I don't know why they send the other players to these games as Wayne is obviously the only player capable of getting a win for England. What a joke.

Just seen the play list for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, it includes the theme tunes from Eastenders and Coronation Street. Really?

Tomorrow's blog will contain the news from Harefield, good, bad, I don't care anymore, I just need to know.