Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Little Bug Factory

Well as you probably gathered I am pain free again and so back at work. In the end I only needed two doses of the high level pain killers and it all settled. Peter reckons that what had happened was my muscles went into spasm and continued to spasm as I kept tensing to try and stop it hurting. Once I took the painkillers and the pain went I was able to relax my muscles and relieve the spasm. He may be right, I just don't care as long as it doesn't start hurting again.

Someone else in the household is also suffering at the moment. Poor Andrew has a tummy bug. He started around two on Friday morning and continued right through until about six this morning. When I arrived home this afternoon he announced he was feeling better and had managed to eat, and keep down, a couple of mouthfuls of soup. Sensibly he has canceled his paper round for tomorrow but I think he is on the mend. I have been taking precautions and am currently going through anti bacterial spray and hand wash as though it is going out of fashion. The Domestos has taken a hit as well. I know some will think I'm panicking but I really do not need another infection, especially one where I'd lose weight.

Today a colleague had to rush home after hearing that his elderly mother had suffered a fall. I hope every thing is OK and things are not as bad as we feared.

It has been a bit of a strange day, weekends always are a bit odd. It amazes me how many people think that someone who visited them at two in the morning might still be on duty at twelve the following day and then throw a strop to find they actually have to sleep sometimes and are not in. I sailed through the seven hours with barely a pause and feel a lot better at the end of my four days this week than I did last. I have asked to do just seven hours shifts again next week and then I'll have another go at going up to eight. As I've been told repeatedly I can always go down again if I find it too much.

In the news the world waits with baited breath as BeeGee Robin Gibb lies in a coma 'close to death'. It was only a short while ago that he was claiming to be feeling really well after beating cancer. It seems the cancer had other ideas. I think this story is likely to end badly but I really hope we get better news tomorrow.