Tuesday, 3 April 2012

(Don't) Call Me

I hate school holidays with a passion, you won't believe the number of little sods hoaxing us today.

On the plus side I breezed through the day and left feeling quite perky. That hour does seem to make a difference but of course it is only day one, I have another three to go.

The weather changed dramatically during the period I left for work and when I returned. It was fairly still when I left, warm enough for me to be in shirtsleeves and dry. Coming home I had to wear a jumper and a freezing wind had arrived and thick dark clouds spotted my car with rain. We are expecting sleet/snow overnight and tomorrow, joy!

I got a reply from my specialist nurse regarding the problems I've been having and this is what he said.

"The only explanation that I can give is that it is to do with the concentration of the drug in your body, which drops as treatment is interrupted, and when it restarts it boosts up again. It may be that sometimes there is the tiniest of air bubbles between bung and line, which delays administration causing the boost effect."

As for the site problems, well he is sending me a different dressing to try.

Of course the big news today is the shooting of several students at a college campus in California. This thankfully seems to be one of those crimes that is almost solely confined to America. You very rarely hear of it happening anywhere else thank goodness. Unfortunately if you live in a country that allows the general public to arm themselves occasionally a gun will find it's way into the wrong hands and people will be left asking why such a terrible thing has happened. I hope and pray that the UK will have the sense never to allow the general public to carry guns, it would be an absolute disaster.

Finally managed to book the tickets for Andrew's trip to Bulgeria, just the passport and the spending money to sort out now.

Well a short round up of the day, now off to sit down with the newspaper and a cuppa and relax before I have to face the phones again tomorrow. Let's hope the kids have found someone else to torment by then.