Monday, 9 April 2012

Messing About On The River

Well the gateaux wasn't exactly a disaster but wasn't a triumph either. It tasted nice and once the decoration was on looked good, just wish it resembled a cake more than it did a biscuit.

A bit of excitement livened up what was looking to be a rather dull Saturday afternoon. I'd forgotten the boat race was on and it is something I always watch so was dismayed to find they were almost at the halfway point by the time I remembered. However I turned on at just the right moment as within minutes of me settling down the race was stopped as a moron (idiot is too nice a word for him) swam between the boats almost getting himself decapitated in the process. Fortunately officialdom was quick off the mark and he was soon out of the water and in a police cell. Thirty minutes later another shock as the boats got too close and a clash of oars resulted in breakage for Oxford who went on to loose the race. The final shock came as one of the Oxford rowers collapsed from exhaustion and had to be rushed to hospital.

The last two events would undoubtedly not happened if the race hadn't been interrupted. I personally think the race should not have been restarted and a draw called and I'm not alone in this. The race was already over halfway when it was stopped and the boats were neck and neck, the rowers were coming to the end of their stamina and the water was choppy as conditions were not ideal. It took them half an hour to get back to the halfway point to restart, surely an exhausting exercise in itself. No wonder the poor bloke collapsed at the end of it.

As for the swimmer well he's Australian, comes from a wealthy background, had a private education and runs his own business. What was he protesting about? Elitism. You couldn't make it up.

One more thought, if that rower had collapse and died would Mr Trenton Oldfield be charged with manslaughter? I certainly hope so.

At last I managed a lie in, it was nearly nine when I surfaced from my slumbers on Sunday and did I feel better for it? No, I did not. I felt thick headed, stiff and thirsty. Two cups of tea and a quick shower and must admit I was feeling so, so much better. I couldn't relax much though as we always make a big thing of Easter lunch and I had loads to do. I'd left the lamb to marinade overnight so I added the final touches and slammed it in the oven. Then it was a flurry of whipped cream and chocolate flakes and the gateaux was ready. The cheesecake had set, raspberry and was topped off with dabs of whipped cream topped with fresh fruit. All I had to do then was wait for Laurence to arrive and Peter to finish laying the table, he always sets it out so beautifully on special occasions. The lunch turned out to be a great success and everyone throughly enjoyed themselves, though Andrew was feeling a little delicate having been to a party on Saturday night.

Last night we settled down to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one. What a dark miserable film it turned out to be, where has the wonder gone that was so prevalent in the earlier films? The ending was very unsatisfactory and I got the feeling that the whole film was nothing more than a scene setting exercise for part two. I shall have to watch the last film as I need to know what happened next but I have a feeling I won't enjoy it much.

So much for the water shortage and hosepipe ban, it is pouring down and windy with it, it is just like being plunged back into winter. Typical isn't it that the moment a hosepipe ban comes into force it rains every single day after, I hope this isn't an indication of our summer. Today is going to be another 'do nothing day' to recover from all the activity yesterday. I slept well and woke up at just after eight. I might just do the ironing as I hate leaving it to the day before I go back to work but apart from that I'm taking it easy.

We still have loads of gateaux and cheesecake left so I will be indulging my sweet tooth, and hopefully putting on some weight, while munching my way through the fridge. We decided against easter eggs this year. Both the boys are grown up and frankly for the amount of chocolate you get they just are not worth the money.

Tomorrow we are off out to do some shopping and stock up on stuff for my sandwiches. I've decided that the price and quality of the sandwiches in work do not match up and will from now on be making my own. I've also got to be careful about catching bugs and, having suffered a really nasty bout of tummy trouble after an egg sandwich, have never really trusted them since. And before you ask one of my colleagues also ate an egg sandwich and went down with tummy trouble the same day so yes I do know where it came from. At a minimum of £1.60 a roll I've decided that is a bit much for a sprinkle of cheese and a slice of tomato. If you want something more substantial, and tasty, then be prepared to pay out £2.50 or more, scandalous! If I make my own they will be packed with fresh, crisp salad and probably cost me £1.60 a week. Tuna will feature high on the shopping list as I love it, as does Andrew. Also on the list is ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cress, eggs, chicken and cheese. My mouth is watering already. Grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, pineapple and melon will be bought, chopped and taken in as a fruit salad. It all sound delicious and healthy but won't help me put on weight, I argue it will if it means I'm eating more of it but I will include a few bounty bars just in case.

Ah well off to make lunch now and I've decided on something light and simple so tomato and basil pasta it is then.