Sunday, 15 April 2012


Today is the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and the TV schedules are awash with Titanic related programmes. There are films, documentaries and docudramas but there is one noticeable omission, James Cameron's Titanic with Leonardo and Kate. I'm going to play the cynic and say this is probably because those associated with the film would rather make you pay to see the remastered HD edition in the cinema's than let you watch the old version for free in the comfort of your own home.

I have this film on DVD and plan to watch it this afternoon and will be silently putting two fingers up at the money grabbers. To be honest it is not a great film. Yes the sets are brilliant and as far as anyone can tell historically accurate but the whole thing is marred by what is essentially a naff love story, and it is about an hour too long to boot. I also have a bit of trouble with the ending, there was plenty of room on that piece of wood for Leo, and a girl as well built as Kate shouldn't have had any trouble hauling skinny Leo out of the water, what was she thinking? Well of course it wasn't Kate's fault, that is down to those who will never let sense get in the way of a good story. I will watch it anyway and try and imagine what it must have been like on that terrible night, something that for all the docudramas no one really, really knows.

Andrew, I am pleased to report, had an undisturbed night and is feeling a lot better today. I am still bleaching and disinfecting everything though, just to be on the safe side.

The day started off beautifully with brilliant blue skies and lots of sunshine, however by lunchtime the gentle breeze had turned into a biting wind and dark clouds were gathering. I washed and hung out as much as I could, which I normally try not to do on a weekend to avoid the 'barbecue brigade' but I figured they were unlikely to light up today and so it proved. It was a tense afternoon though as I kept watching for the first spot of rain that would herald a mad dash to get everything back in again. Thankfully the wind was drying everything in double quick time so I got everything done and in the airing cupboard before tea time.

Bee Gee Robin Gibb is still in a coma and things are looking grim. The cause is pneumonia caused by his poor immune system which in turn is a result of his cancer treatment. Another singer, George Michael, recently had pneumonia and also had a few tricky days. He pulled through and is now back to full health, lets hope Robin has the same result.

This morning I watched the Chinese Grand Prix and again we had another exciting race and another, it has to be said, unexpected driver coming in first. That is three races and three different winners so far, looks like this season the race will be on for the championship rather than second place. Nico Rosberg won, partly thanks to team mate Michael Schumacher having to retire after his pit crew messed up a tyre change. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton came in second and third respectively. This is the kind of season I adore, those years when it has been obvious from the very start who the winner will be are not for me. I like to be kept on the edge of my seat until at least two thirds of the way through, this year might do just that. Lewis is leading the championship with Jenson just two points behind.

It is Bahrain next week and at the time of writing the powers that be are insisting that the race will go ahead. Last year this race was cancelled and, to be honest, we expected the same this year as well. A week is a long time in formula one and an even longer time in politics, I would not be surprised if it still isn't cancelled at the last minute. If it does go ahead I think we can expect some attempt to interrupt the race. Security is going to have to be air tight for this one.

Well the settee, Leonardo and Kate are waiting for me, time to snuggle up to a poor unfortunate cat and drift off into the Atlantic.