Friday, 20 April 2012



Well what a first day back.

I was late, I hate being late and fumed as I sat in a queue of traffic behind a HGV that had broken down at a cross roads. In the end it was only a couple of minutes but it meant I felt rushed as I set up my work station and got ready for my first call. I then got sworn at within two minutes of plugging myself in and it all went downhill from there really. I was so glad when three thirty came around and I could escape.

It has been raining today, a lot but at least we don't need to worry about watering our gardens anymore.

Last night The Apprentice gave it's all to the world of fitness video's, much to my hilarity and delight and the shortest pair of red shorts I've seen in a long while.Both teams boasted candidates who claimed to know a bit about the fitness industry and so the team leaders were chosen without much of a fight for once. One team decided to go with a combination of street dance and martial arts, while the other went back to the 80's and incorporated space hoppers and hula hoops into their routines. Mayhem hit when egos started to come into play and it has to be said both teams ended up with pretty similar and rather bland routines. What made me giggle and Lord Sugar raise his eyebrows in disbelief was the 80's themed team thinking they could sell space hoppers for a pound a piece. In the end Duane failed to impress anyone and was given the boot.

Friday started out bright and breezy but ended once again in downpours and dark clouds. Loving this drought.

Sometimes I despair at my fellow man and today was such a day. Just when you think people couldn't get more stupid they do. Still it made for an interesting time and my seven hours passed quite swiftly.

As I think I've said previously we've been given new chairs which I'm finding very uncomfortable, mainly because they have shortish backs and no head rests. Today the health and safety bod came to see me and once I explained my predicament he agreed that I needed a chair with a long back and I was allowed to keep my old chair. I even have my name on it now so no one can nick it from me, result.

Tomorrow will be a first, I going to have to take my portable oxygen in with me. The walk from car to office is resulting in me being so out of puff I can't speak for the first few minutes after I arrive, and that's with going up in the lift. I fought against doing this for some time but now it has got to be done, it's either that or the bloody wheelchair again. At least with oxygen I'm still on my own two feet. I'm reasoning that it might only be short term anyway as the tests I'm having next week might result in another med to help. If it doesn't, like everything else, I'm sure I will get used to it eventually.

This might be my last blog for a few days. I'm on lates for the next couple of days and then on Monday I'm off to Harefield for tests. I will try and blog from the hospital if I have time and I am allowed to use my computer. If not my next blog will be Wednesday. See you soon.