Monday, 2 April 2012

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Woke to a lovely crisp, bright sunny day so rushed to get some washing out on the line. Glad I did as by lunchtime it started to cloud over and the temperature began to drop significantly. I cannot believe they are predicting snow in the next couple of days.

Another quiet day in but spent more productively than some others. I have decided on the white chocolate gateaux and been through my cupboards noting down all the ingredients I'm going to need to get to cook everything. I'm working up to Saturday so I'm sending Peter and Andrew out on a mission to get everything for me.

Watched Legend on DVD last night, what a tedious film that was. A young Tom Cruise in a short skirt does absolutely nothing for me. Though it was amusing to realise that I'd seen the 'unicorns running through the forest' bit somewhere before. Could I think where, of course not and I nearly drove myself potty until Peter mentioned that the scene had been borrowed for Bladerunner, one of our favourite films. I'm going to have to watch that now just to check it out, damn.

Our neighbour is having something done to his house and we are having to put up with drilling, hammering and the occasional bit of foul language. I have a feeling all might not be going to plan.

Another thing that doesn't seem to be going to plan is Andrew's revision,. Though with all the noise I'm not that surprised. He did a couple of hours yesterday and again today but he keeps finding other things to do. I suspect that he'll find it easier to get into once the bad weather returns. There is nothing worse than knowing you've got to get the books out when all you really want to do is lie in the sun.

Today it the 30th anniversary of the Falkland Islands invasion. My goodness did those thirty years go quickly. I worked in a library at the time and unusually we were allowed to have a TV on so we could keep up with events as they happened. I remember being quite worried at one point as both myself and Peter were in the Royal Observer Corps at the time and there was always the possibility, however faint, of our services being called on. News coverage wasn't as extensive as it is now but the BBC ran special programmes all through the day keeping everyone updated. After the initial invasion things calmed down a bit and unless something really important happened news bulletins returned to normal, though tended to be extended. Of course today sabers are being rattled again and various 'celebrities' have favoured us with their opinions which seem to extend to giving in and letting Argentina have the islands back. Of course these 'celebrities' don't really care what happens as long as their pronouncements get their names in the papers. To just give up the islands would be a deep insult to those who died defending them but of course 'celebrities' don't care about normal people. Personally I think the only people entitled to decide what happens to the islands are the islanders themselves and celebrities and politicians, on both sides, should stay out of it until asked.

Sent an email to my specialist nurse today as I've started having a bit of trouble with my line changing.

To be fair I've experienced this event occasionally once or twice since going onto the Flolan but recently it has happened nearly every change and I'm beginning to get a bit fed up. When I change the site adapter, which I do every third day, I experience a suddenly flushing as though my whole head is swelling, then I'm sick, very sick. The whole thing only lasts about five minutes but leaves me feeling washed out for a good couple of hours. It is very strange and is now so bad I'm a nervous wreck on the days the change is due. It never happens when I'm just changing the line itself. I'm not doing anything different so I'm at a loss as to why this has started to happen. I'm also experiencing some problems with the line site. It has never healed and every now and then bleeds. There is no infection, I've had it checked out more than once, but I worry that having an open wound leave me open to one. This has been brought up with my medical team on several occasions and it has left them scratching their heads as after nine months it shouldn't be anything more than a small scar. This week it bled enough for the stain to show through my dressing. I just don't know what is going on but I hope it sorts itself out soon.

It's back to work tomorrow and I'll be working an hour less just to see if it makes a difference. Personally I'm not expecting to see a huge difference from one hour but you never know, sometimes it is the small changes that make the biggest differences. Work promises to be busy as it is the school holidays and that always bring with it a rise in hoax calls and reports of mini motorcycles doing things they shouldn't. With a bit of luck the weather will intervene and keep everyone indoors, if not it is going to be a very long four days