Thursday, 12 April 2012

Anger And Agony

I am in agony. I woke up in dreadful pain around four this morning and by five it was unbearable. Only having paracetamol in the house Peter went out to find an all night supermarket and came back armed with Nurofen power plus which I gobbled like sweeties. Half an hour later the pain had subsided enough for me to sink back into a restless sleep only to be woken at seven thirty by my alarm clock. Still in pain and now exhausted with it I decided that the best thing to do would be to skip work and get an appointment with my GP. I'm pretty sure it is just muscular pain but what bothers me is that it is in my left arm and across my shoulder joint into my upper left ribcage. I've checked my pulse and blood pressure and both are fine, as is my breathing so I'm at a loss as to the cause.

Yesterday I arrived at work to find we have new chairs. They are a lot more comfortable than our old chairs however, me being a shorty I can't adjust the seat down far enough to be able to put my whole foot on the floor. I can just about manage tippy toes and solved the problem by grabbing one of the foot stools we have lying around. The other problem is the arm rest. On our old chairs they were fabric covered, on the new chairs they are hard plastic with a dip going down the center. This is fine if you want to sit with your arms straight out in front of you but quite painful any other way. I guess we will get used to them and there are a few of the old style chairs still around so whenever I can I'll try and grab one of them instead.

It was an extremely busy day with lots of things going on. I got sworn at again and told that I was useless but to be honest that sort of thing no longer bothers me as it used to. All our calls are recorded so if someone complains and tries to make out that I'd said something I didn't I'm covered. I came home feeling rather down though. It is difficult when every call you take is someone angry and taking it out on you. Health wise I felt much, much better at the end of my seven hours than I did last week. Again it is only day one so that has to be taken into account, as should the fact that I'm starting later than usual and so get a longer lie in. Having said all that, and ignoring my mystery pain, I might be able to go back to my eight hours pretty soon.

And so to my weekly treat The Apprentice. The teams have been well and truly mixed up now so I can no longer say the girls/boys team. Instead I'm going to have to call them by the pretentious names they've given themselves, Sterling and Phoenix.

The task this week was to buy junk, tart it up and then resell it. Each team were given one thousand pounds and a shop in which to sell their refurbished items. It was clear from the start that neither team really 'got' what they were expected to do. One team went to an auction and paid well over the odds, the other visited various junk shops where on shop keeper gloated to camera that they'd just bough a load of stuff he couldn't even give away. One team went as far as raiding the bins outside to find items to trashy even for the junk shop. Team Sterling then went on to spend a quarter of their budget on paints, fabrics, wheels and door handles to spruce their items up. Phoenix relied on a lick of paint, a good polish and a well laid out shop, they won and Sterling ended up in the cafe drinking coffee and trying to work out who to blame.

In the end project manager Laura dragged Gabrielle, whose idea of design was to paint a union jack on everything and was partly responsible for the enormous materials spend, and Jane, who sold just ten pounds worth of stuff and did very little else, into the boardroom. After quite a catty exchange Jane was shown the door and showed that she did have a softer side by crying in the car as it drove her away. I was a little bit bereft myself as she had become the candidate I loved to hate. I guess it is back to 'The Blonde Assassin' for me then.

Overall not as good an episode as we've had previously, next week though it is the video making task. Who can forget 'Pants Man', I can't wait.

Well the verdict on the pain is that I appear to have trapped a nerve in my shoulder and it is causing all the muscles around my shoulder, down my back and around my chest wall to tighten up causing more pain. Painkillers given and advice to do some gentle rotation exercises with my shoulder to try and loosen up the ceased muscles and free the nerve. Got to go back on Monday if still having trouble and they will do an x ray. A relief I must say, it might be bloody painful but at least it isn't serious.

If alls well I'll go back to work tomorrow, yippee! I think.