Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Planning A Get Away.

The subject of a holiday was approached with caution yesterday. I say 'with caution' as every time we start to think about, plan or, God forbid, book a holiday something bad happens, usually in the form of me becoming poorly. There is also the added complication of having to pack loads of drugs and equipment if we go anywhere. If we go for a week the boot will only just be big enough to pack our suitcases AND all the stuff I'll need to do the daily line change. Anything longer than that would mean filling up the back seats as well. This means that anything abroad is immediately ruled out. I cannot fly, dare not get on a boat as I suffer from chronic seasickness and there is too much to carry to go by train.

At the moment the only continent we could reach is Europe and that would have to be by Eurostar. Now we have done this before and toured from place to place finding overnight accommodation as we went. With all my drug stuff and the need to have somewhere fairly hygienic to do the change Peter feels that this is now just too much of a risk. So the only choice we have is in good old blighty. There is a problem with this idea too though. Peter wants to remain within a four hour dash to Harefield as he doesn't want me to miss my chance should a suitable donor turn up. We both know that my chances are low as it is. Although I'm near the top of the list various complications, along with my age, mean that I will probably only have the one shot, if that. So on that basis I've chosen Canterbury as a possible destination as it is somewhere I've always wanted to go. I'd really like to go to Edinburgh to see my brother, or Wales for my yearly visit to my mum and sister but they are all to far away. All I've got to do now is find a nice hotel and decide exactly when and how long for. Sod's law says I'll get the call the day before.

Today actually started off sunny but by eleven the clouds had come across and rain looked to be on it's way. I don't really mind the rain at this time of year as in April you do expect it. However packing the car with shopping in the middle of a cloudburst is not a good experience.

Well it turned out to be a fuller day than expected. First stop Wellingborough so Peter could pick up some bits and pieces he'd ordered, then on to Rushden to call in on Laurence and return some items he forgot to take with him on Sunday. Then it was back to Milton Keynes and a quick scamper around Costco before home and feet up with a cuppa. And although we got rained on, hailstones at one point, we packed the car in the dry but, by God, was it cold. That wind could cut through glass. I got all the salad stuff I wanted along with tuna, eggs and cheese and am fully stocked for the next four days of sandwiches, all I've got to do now is remember to make them. I almost indulged in a box of half price chocolates but resisted the urge, especially as the boxes looked as though they'd been trodden on.

Finally ordered my new glasses, on this occasion from Boots who were doing a special offer. I got two pairs, one distance, one reading for the princely sum of £110. I consider this to be a bargain as Costco tried to charge me £275 for one pair just before Christmas. If they last as long as my current glasses, about five years, I'll be more than happy.

Talking of happy, Andrew was ecstatic when I let him drive my car this afternoon. I didn't let him go alone though and sat in the passenger seat, it was also on a wide expanse of empty private land, so nothing to hit. He was a lot better than I thought he'd be while he was surprised at how powerful my car was. He's already hinting that he wants to do it again, soon.

Back to work tomorrow, where does the time go? Still I've only got one early start this week, the rest of the time I start at ten so a bit of a lie in can be had. Will keep you updated.