Thursday, 5 April 2012

One Year On

It is one year since I started this blog and I am really pleased that I have kept it going so long, I usually give up on things like this in the first month. Over the weekend I'm going to read back through a few of my earlier posts as I think it will be interesting to see how I've changed over the last year. I know there are going to be some lows but hopefully the highs will outweigh them.I feel that this year will be one of big changes for me so hopefully there will be some interesting stuff to come. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, here's to another year.

Andrew is implementing a few revision techniques and has stuck up little cards all over the place with important information on them. In particular in places that he passes most often. So this morning while getting my breakfast I learned about magnetic fields (fridge), cell devision (crockery cupboard) and proteins (cutlery drawer), if he keeps this up I'll be able to sit the exam for him.

Well the promised hosepipe ban came into force today and it is raining, typical. Apparently I'm exempt because I'm registered disabled but as I never use a hosepipe anyway I won't be that bothered. I am willing to rent myself out for lawn waterings at £5 per go though.

Anyone who reads this blog will know by now that I am a huge fan of The Apprentice.

It was week three and the task was to make a new condiment. The teams were messed up a bit with the 'Blonde Assassin' leading the boys team while two of the boys defected to the girls. It didn't matter though as there were huge mistakes made on both sides and it was wonderful to watch. The girls, who turned out to be the winning team, made pineapple, ginger and chilli chutney and were almost at the bottling stage before anyone decided to suggest tasting it. Let's just say it did not go well, with one poor soul having to retreat to a corner coughing and gagging. Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar's eyes and ears, described the mixture as 'poisonous' and it was soon dumped. This meant that the sub team sent to pitch did not have any samples to give prospective buyers to taste. Watching them trying to describe it was one of the funniest bits of the show.  The second attempt faired better, even though it was a hideous yellow, and swiftly bottled.

The boys team plumped for a table sauce and quickly mixed up a red pepper and chilli concoction that stubbornly refused to pour once it had cooled down. This lead to hilarious scenes of the boys trying to force the stuff into slippery bottles that they kept dropping. Eventually they managed to get a reasonable amount bottled and went off to peddle their wears only to be told by the first person they pitched to that they had spelt the name wrong. 'Bellissimo' was missing an 'L' and their fate was sealed, they lost.In the boardroom the 'Blonde Assassin' was quick to put the blame squarely on a gentleman with the unfortunate name of Ricky Martin. Ricky swiftly parried the blow and they both blamed Michael. Lord Sugar agreed with them and the dreaded finger was pointed. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in ages, well not since last Wednesday.

I have got through the last three days at work fairly easily, now whether that is because of my reduced hours or because I'm getting used to being back at work again I don't honestly know. I have identified a couple of threats to my well being however. One colleague announced they has a sinus infection, while another is coughing and sneezing in a rather alarming manner. My antibacterial hand wash worked overtime, let's hope it isn't too little too late.