Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Shoot The Messenger

OK I am willing to believe that Bin Ladin is either dead or captured and being held somewhere very secret. This is simply because if he were still alive and free he could easily release another video showing him with a newspaper dated after the supposed killing took place. For that reason and that reason alone I think the American's got him one way or another.

Finally got the long awaited call from the hospital to say that due to the two bank holidays they are over loaded and cannot possibly fit me in until Friday. If there is a cancellation tomorrow or someone is discharged early then I am at the top of the list but I'm not hopeful. When I do get in it will just be for the day for loads of tests and then back the following week for the results and any treatment they may decide to give me. Obviously if they think I am really bad then I'll be kept in but ironically I've been feeling a little better today, wouldn't you know it. I wish there were instant fixes but it seems the wheels of medicine, like the wheels of power, grind slowly.

 My rash was diagnosed as Eczema by my GP which is a huge relief as Shingles, which is what it was thought to be, would be very bad news indeed. I have been given steroid cream and told not to scratch. However when I told my specialist this she went very quiet then said.
'How interesting. Have you had this before?'
'Well no or I would have recognised it.'
'Hummmm, we'll have to look into that.'
What the hell does that mean? Medics, never get a straight answer.

Spent the day catching up with paperwork and watching TV. Had a nap in the afternoon with the cat. Andrew had the first of his Physics practicals today, seems to have gone OK but I'm worried about him, he seems to have lost his usual confidence. I think it is because he doesn't really know what he is aiming for. He changes his mind every day. I know that it will all turn out OK for him in the end but he seems all over the place at the moment. Put Laurence's watch on ebay for him. It is a really expensive Maurice Lacroix that he won in a competition. He says he'll never wear it, which is probably true as he never wears a watch, so he'd rathwr have the money to buy something he does want. Kids!