Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Paperback Writer

Blogger has been at it again so many apologies if you've had trouble accessing the blog today.

Today it is exactly two weeks since I was in hospital being told that I need to have a Hickman line inserted. If everything has gone the way the consultant hoped it would I should be getting a date for the procedure any day now. I'm not good at hanging around waiting for other people to do things. I'm particularly bad when I can feel myself getting more limited every day. It is no fun making yourself a cup of tea and then having to sit for ten minutes before you've got enough breath back to drink the thing. My family are doing everything they can to help but my temper is shortening by the day and I've become a bit snappy. I know I should be grateful, and I really, really am but constantly asking if I 'need anything doing', is beginning to get on my nerves. I think it is the feeling of having no control that is the actual problem. It is really hard to explain if you are not in the situation. A lot of my friends have remarked that it must be great being waited on hand and foot. Well yes, if it is your CHOICE, but it isn't mine. I have no choice at the moment and that is the problem.

Visited the Warfarin clinic for the first time in six weeks today and expected a frosty reception but they were all sweetness and light. The reason soon became apparent when I took my seat and spotted a hastily scribble note stuck to the wall apologising because the clinic was running an hour late. I settled down and plugged myself into my music, using only one earphone so I didn't miss my name being called. The eagle eyed recptionist spotted me and barked 'no mobile phones'. I held up my music with one hand and my phone with the other at which point she sniffed and went back to her computer screen. I hate petty rules and regulations. This is a warfarin clinic, the only 'equipment' is the receptionist's computer so why the ban? Of course I turn my phone off when I'm actually having my blood taken, the last thing I want is it to go off and make the nurse jump just as she's sticking a needle in my arm. The reason of course is because my local hospital has signed up to one of these rip off merchants that offer individual TV, Internet and phone access for a 'very reasonable' price of which the hospital gets a considerable cut. In order to protect their profits all other forms of communication have been banned. Nice. I think the next time I get challenged I will point out that two weeks ago I was lying in a bed plugged into various heart monitors and was allowed to use my phone without any alarms going off.

My results showed my INR was perfect, bang in the middle of my range. Hopefully it will be a few weeks before they call me back for another test.

 I don't often blow my own trumpet but I'm quite excited. I wrote a book last year and now it has been published. it is only available in electronic form from Amazon as yet but if sales contiune as they are I will be offered a print option for next spring. It is only a trashy crime/thriller but if you are interested it is called Charter Walk.