Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

I've had an automated response from Halfords which states.

'Your e-mail is important to us and we aim to respond as soon as possible. We currently aim to respond and resolve your query within 5 working days.'

So not that important then. Realistically as it is a bank holiday weekend I really wasn't expecting a reply until Wednesday but I think five working days is pushing it just a little bit.

It has been a difficult day today. I was wide awake at four this morning with no idea why. I don't remember anything waking me, my breathing wasn't too bad and all seemed quiet outside. As I lay there wondering whether to get up and make myself a drink or just lie there hoping I could drift back off again I hit on the brilliant idea of doing my relaxation exercises. I started off by staring at my hands(a bit tricky in the dark) to 'warm' them, no idea how/why this works but it does, then clamped them to my chest in my best Egyptian mummy impersonation and the next thing I knew is was nine o'clock and I was very, very late with my meds. Rats, the one thing I really should not be doing right now is sleeping through my medication timings. I didn't feel any worse for doing so but it has been a bit of a pain re-arranging all the timings throughout the day to insure I get all the doses I'm due. As it is my last dose is now scheduled for eleven thirty tonight so it is going to be late to bed. I just hope there is something decent on TV. One thing I will be doing from now on is setting my alarm clock  so this doesn't happen again. Husbands can be very unreliable alarms on Sundays.

Watched the Grand Prix, it was quite exciting for once and I was on the edge of my seat willing Button to overtake Alonso and Vettel to take the lead when Petrov decided to plant his car in the wall. So close, I could have screamed.

After such bitter disappointment I went for a quiet potter in the garden to see how things are doing. A combination of the weather and my health have prevented me from making this short expedition for the last four days so I was pleased with how things have grown. My tomato plant has five sets on it now and is still growing. The sweetpeas are making a break for it and have started to climb the canes but the Clematis is not doing as well as I'd hoped. It has never really recovered after it was trampled by an unknown intruder a week or so ago. All I can do is watch and wait.

Getting so bloody frustrated now. I've become an avid watchers of every possible crap daytime TV show going. My current addictions are Neighbours (they are all so clean and yet I never see anyone doing any housework), Judge Judy, Bargin Hunt and Cash In The Attic. I haven't descended into Jeremy Kyle territory yet but feel it is just a matter of time. I can see me having withdrawal symptoms when I eventually make it back to work. I seriously need saving from myself. I have solved the communication problem now though. I have taken to texting my husband and son's if they are upstairs and I need something doing downstairs. Expensive but effective. It took me a whole day to work that one out, seems the brain is now following the body and going into meltdown. Help!