Saturday, 21 May 2011

Die Another Day

Today was supposed to be the end of the world.

According to some 89 year old nutcase the world is supposed to be destroyed by earthquakes and all but the 200 million chosen for redemption killed. I absolutely love domesday soothsayers. This particular nutcase has spent thousands publicising the event and intends to sit and watch it all unfold on TV. Ah, the power of the media. One week you are watching a Royal Wedding, and the next your on the edge of your seat waiting for Armageddon. He has hedged his bets a bit though by saying that it will take until October 26 for the process to be completed. I notice he did not mention which year. There has been a large amount of mockery about this prediction but also some ingenious profiteering and displays of humour as well. Best money making scheme comes from the pet shop owner, who for a considerable fee, has set up kennels to look after the pets of those who believe they will be 'raptured' that's carried up to heaven to you and me. In case you were wondering why this service is needed, animals don't have souls so will have to be left behind, apparently God is not an animal lover. Anyway when interviewed about this scheme the pet shop owner stated that it was a ligitimate service and no, he will not be giving refunds. The humour, and I so wish I'd thought of this, comes from those that have popped out and left small piles of clothing signifying the wearers have been taken on pavements and in parks. Brilliant!

Unfortunately this man has made a similar prediction back in 1994, then he blamed getting his calculations wrong. I can't wait to see what his excuse is going to be tomorrow.

As for me well I'm dying of boredom. The trouble with being so breathless at the slightest activity is that you are rather limited to things you can do sitting down and while spending a whole day in the sun reading sounds like heaven it gets a bit much if you have to do it every day. I do alternate by watching TV/ DVD's and surfing the 'net' but there is only so much of that you can do. I think the boredom is the worst part of being ill. Tomorrow I have the Grand Prix to look forward to, its the closest I'm going to get to excitement for a while. On Monday, if the weather holds, I've asked Peter to talk me for a walk along the river. The cygnets should be out and about by now so with a bit of luck I might get a picture or two.

My supervisor from work came to visit me today. It was lovely to see her and get an update on all the gossip. She brought with her a pot of orange poppies, which will be planted as soon as I can find a nice spot and a scented candle which I'm going to use when I do my relaxation exercises. Unfortunately I didn't spot the candle until after she left so I will have to get in touch and thank her.

Talking about relaxation yesterday I had a go at the technique I'd been taught but couldn't do it. Although both boys were out and the husband was upstairs working I found I just couldn't turn off my ears which were on the alert for any signs of disturbance. Maybe the hypnoses didn't work or maybe it is just a question of practice. I'm going to persevere though and will have another go later on. In the meantime it's back to the book.