Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm Busy Doing Nothing.

Bored, bored, bored.

Everyone dreams of that day when you have time to yourself to spend the day just lazing about watching favourite DVD's and not having to interrupt yourself to cook, wash up or go shopping for other people. However when it is enforced it sort of loses its appeal.

Today I have managed to stagger onto the patio where I sat on the wall in the sun and pulled some weeds coming through in the herb garden but that was the only activity of the whole day. Worst still I have have another day of this inactivity to go. I am going to drive myself, and everyone else, mad. There is nothing else for it, I'm just going to have to get the beads out again. I enjoy making bracelets but don't usually have the time, I think this might be the answer to my current problem provided I can concentrate, I'm so restless I can't focus on anything.

I had a letter from the Brompton on Saturday, it was just changing the date of my clinic appointment in August, they like to think ahead, and I now have to go in on the 26th. I also received an e-mail regarding this hypnotherapist/counsellor they want me to see. I have an appointment to see her this Friday at 2.30. I think the first problem may be the language barrier as I had to listen to the message four times before I got what she was saying because her accent was so strong. Not a good sign. The second problem is the timing. As I'll already have been to London twice in a week a third visit does not appeal. Obviously if they decide to keep me in for treatment then there will not be a problem as I'll already be there.

I am preparing for battle with my local warfarin clinic on Tuesday. If you remember I had a bit of a run in with them recently as I had to skip a couple of weeks due to work commitments. Well the date they have given me is Tuesday, and where will I be on Tuesday? In the Brompton. I will take great pleasure in ringing to cancel my attendance, letting the receptionist have a little rant and then calmly explain that I am in hospital where my INR is being very carefully monitored and as of Friday 6th was a stable 2.5. When you are this bored it is the little things in life that you look forward too.

My son's have had a busy weekend with both attending parties. Laurence went to Leeds for a friend's 21st while Andrew stayed closer to home for a 'chill out' with friends. Laurence was of course an over nighter but Andrew was supposed to return home around midnight. I could feel my blood pressure rising as we approached one o'clock. When he finally rolled in at two I was too tired to tell him off but this morning he is in no doubt that in future if he is going to be later than expected to let me know. I don't suppose the neighbours were to thrilled either as that bike makes one hell of a racket.