Monday, 16 May 2011

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

It is coming up to a week since I was informed of my change of medication so by the hospital's reckoning I have two weeks to go until I get the call to go in for the procedure. That, of course, is if everything goes to plan. The big fly in the ointment is the PCT. Whenever I think of the PCT I think of the rebel faction in the film The Life of Brian. If you haven't seen it I recommend you do. In the film The Peoples Front of Judea, or was it The Judean Popular Peoples Front, never actually achieve anything because there always has to be committee approval. There is one scene where the central character, Brian, is captured by the Romans. When the rebels are informed they immediately form a committee to discuss how to rescue him much to the frustration of the only woman amongst them. In a fit of anger she shouts 'Reg, it is perfectly simple' and then explains that they ought to be doing something rather than just talking about it. This is exactly how I feel when waiting around for their latest pronouncement.

As a matter of interest the woman, played by Sue Jones (I think that's her name) is now the mayor of my home town, Aberystwyth. Incidentally Aberystwyth was the last town in Britain to remove the ban on film, coincidence? Maybe, but about bloody time.

Had a phone call from the warfarin clinic wondering when I'd be well enough to attend. I have provisionally made an appointment for next Tuesday. I think they must have had a pep talk recently as instead of talking to me as though I were a simpleton the woman actually talked to me like a human being and even asked me how I was. Maybe they've had a complaint about their attitude, which would not surprise me one little bit.

The call reminded me of my appointment with the counsellor on Wednesday and it suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea where in the hospital I am supposed to be going . You'd have thought I'd have realised this when I was chatting to the counsellor on the phone last week. An email has been sent, I just hope she gets it before I leave the house. Just don't know where my brains are at the moment.

The toe it would appear was just badly bruised so the owner has gone off to his Karate meeting with the slightest of limps. Hope he doesn't go and damage it again.

Like many others I am watching my bank account to see if I got lucky in the olympic ticket drawer. I put my name down for tennis and marshall arts. I don't really know why I applied in the first place other than getting caught up in the moment. If I get some tickets I will be pleased but won't be upset if I don't.

 Note to self, I must stop playing Zuma Blitz, I'm starting to dream about that bloody frog.