Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I had to add temporary moderation to my blog last night as someone or something decided it would be fun to spam me with abusive comments. I have reported them so as soon as they are dealt with it will be back to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Apprentice, I absolutely love this show and this year's candidates are shaping up to the the best yet. I already have a massive dislike of Edna and Melody but no feelings on any of the boys either way. Though the Mickey Pearce (Rodney's friend in Only Fools) look alike makes me grin each time he appears on screen. He may look goofy but he was the only one worried about the offense the Slang-a-tang app might cause, so he might be emerging as a favourite. The dilemma I have each year is wanting the ones I dislike to be sacked but when they are deeply regretting it because they are what makes the series interesting.

I have answers to my questions. The procedure take about 30 minutes under local anaesthetic so it is not painful but might be uncomfortable with all the pushing that goes on. It should be relatively difficult to remove the line as it is sutured to the skin; the stitch is later removed as the line is then embedded. Though there have been reports of lines coming out, this is very rare. I can bath and shower although I can NEVER get the pump wet. Not sure how that is managed but I'm sure they will tell me. Movement with the line is not hindered. I will be on a drug called epoprostenol. This will be administered by preparing two cassettes of medicine a day, keeping one in the fridge and changing them every 12 hours. It sounds relatively straightforward doesn't it.

In the garden my herbs and flowers are growing really well though I long for rain, just a good downpour would do as my carrots in particular need a lot of water and I don't like nagging Peter to get the watering can out all the time. Huge black clouds keep passing overhead but just keep going, so frustrating. My tomato plant is the real star of the show with a second cluster of flowers having appeared and I've barely had it two weeks yet. I might have to start looking up chutney recipes if I get as much fruit as they are promising.

Feeling a bit better today but that might be partially down to have a decent night's sleep for a change. It might also be because I've slowed right down and only move if I have to, the stroll around the garden being the exception. I think acceptance of the situation has begun to creep in and instead of worrying about it and trying to fight it I've finally decided I can't do anything about this so I may as well just let it go. Who knows what the cause all that matters is today is a better day. I even felt well enough to cook, although omelets are not exactly haute cuisine they filled a gap and were easy to make.

I was supposed to be seeing this therapist/counselor person tomorrow but after two trips to London in a week I've decided against it and have changed my appointment to next Wednesday. I figure that by then I'll be sufficiently bored to welcome any distraction, even if it is with someone trying to get me to 'explore my inner feelings'. To be fair I think it might be helpful as I do have terrible down days and angry days, sometimes both together so if she can teach me some techniques to help me glide through these days unruffled it has to be worth it.

26. Watch the men's final from the center court at Wimbledon.