Saturday, 7 July 2012

All On My Own

Oh my goodness, what a Friday and what a Sunday it is going to be.

I think I went through every possible emotion as I watch Andy Murray battle his way through to be the first British man in a Wimbledon final for seventy four years. It wasn't an easy match but I think that's a good thing. Up to now he's more or less had everything his own way, he needed Tsonga to test his metal as we all know Andy once down stays down. Not this time though, he held his temper and his emotions in check and came through. Now, of course, there is finals fever amongst his fans and much media speculation as to whether he can actually beat Federer. Well as I said yesterday anything is possible and he has beaten Federer before though amazingly they've never met on grass. It won't be an easy match to watch, but then with Murray it rarely is.

Of course it is also the British Grand Prix this weekend and unlike Wimbledon, where they now have a roof, the weather is playing it's part. Car parks and camping grounds are water logged and organisers are pleading with fans not to attended today's qualifying. Unlikely as it sounds doubt has even been thrown over the race actually going ahead. Of course driver safety is paramount but to cancel the biggest motor racing event in the country? Unheard of but then the weather has never been quite as bad as this. There were similar conditions in Canada last year when the race started, then stopped for two hours, then started again and Button went on to win. At worst I'm predicting a similar scenario tomorrow.

So which one to watch? Well unlikely as it seems we have managed to reach a compromise for once. If it is raining we will watch the racing live and record Wimbledon.. If it is dry Peter wants to work on his car which so far he has been prevented from doing so by work and weather. So I will watch Wimbledon live and record the Grand Prix to watch later in the evening.

Today I am on my own again as Peter has been called into work. Faced with a long empty day ahead I decided to get on with some house work. At time of writing I've already cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed all downstairs, emptied all the waste bins, cleaned the kitchen and mopped all the hard wood and tile floors. Shattered? Yes. Happy? Definitely, it is nice to know you still can when allowed to. This afternoon it is ironing while watching the women's final, happy days.

In the news seven potential terrorists have been arrested after their car was stopped on the motorway for......having no insurance. The stupidity of criminals constantly amazes me. If you were up to no good and planning on blowing something up and needed your car to transport you and your bomb to the target, would you want to draw attention to yourself by driving without insurance? Well no, neither would I, in fact I'd make damned sure my car was taxed, insured and had an up to date MOT. Instead time after time a car is stopped for no insurance and the driver turns out to be wanted, drunk, carrying drugs or doesn't have a licence. We've all seen it a million times on every cop show going and yet they never learn. It's a good thing these people don't have common sense or they really would be dangerous.

Well the time has come to nip downstairs and get ready for another sporty afternoon. Left over home made Lasagna for lunch, yummy.