Monday, 23 July 2012

(Un) Sporting Behaviour

Well we finally have new British Champion and he's got nothing to do with football.

Bradley Wiggins has won the Tour de France, the first Brit to win it in its 109 year history. I know nothing about cycling or indeed take any interest in it but I can recognise the achievement. No doubt it will be all anyone talks about over the next few days and why not, it makes a change to have a Brit we can be proud of.

We have a shower! It is only temporary and covered in plastic as we still need to grout the walls but at least I won't stink my colleagues out at work tomorrow. Disaster struck yesterday when Peter ran out of adhesive, about half an hour before all the shops closed. Deciding that he'd never make it he busied himself with other things, like getting the last wall prepped ready to finish off the tiling tomorrow and removing the old radiator. So today we are going to have to go out which means a slow down of progress but it will be good for Peter to have a little break and at least we can wash now. The next couple of days are also going to be disrupted as Peter has work but he is off on Thursday so anticipates completing the tiling and grouting the shower/bath walls then. It is not going to be fully finished by the time Andrew comes home, as we'd hoped but it will be three quarters there and once home Andrew can help out.

Olympics Watch

I was hoping to say that I had nothing to report today, I was sadly mistaken.

Today's scandal centers around Parkistan and fake passports. A VISA scam giving potential terrorists the chance to sneak into Britain with Pakistan’s Olympic team has been discovered. A journalist was alerted to the scam and went undercover. He found that a crime ring was offering false passports, visas — and access to London 2012 as bogus support staff. They provided the journalist with a genuine Pakistani passport in a false name.

And in a second report a guard has been sacked by G4S after being accused of a nightclub bomb hoax. It is said the man dialled 999 to report a suspicious package when refused entry for wearing a hoodie. The trendy Kosho nightspot in Romford, Essex, was evacuated for a police search.  The guard, who lives nearby, was allegedly traced through his phone number and will appear before magistrates tomorrow.. G4S said: “We dismissed him immediately.” Maybe they shouldn't have employed this petty and  childish individual in the first place. I hope the court throws the proverbial book at him.

In other sporting news an attempt at cheating by Sebastian Vettel netted Jenson Button second place in yesterday's German Grand Prix. The German driver overtook Jenson to win back second place after a tyre change but to do so drove right off the track effectively cutting a corner. It was so blatant that the stewards had no choice but to give Vettel a penalty and promoted the outraged Button. Next weeks Hungarian Grand Prix could now turn out to be a bit of a grudge match. As for Hamilton well he suffered a puncture early on and despite running for half the race decided his car was too badly damaged and retired but not before upsetting Vettel by unlapping himself, so also not endearing himself to the German.

I like Vettel, he is a nice chap but like all drivers his desire to win can sometimes over rule his common sense. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake and will make sure he doesn't repeat it. The ironic thing about all this is that if he'd stayed on the track he could have caught and overtaken Jenson at the next straight anyway. Alonso won, a great driver but I just can't bring myself to like him.

Well in the end we decided to combine our trip out to get more adhesive with finding suitable bathroom extras like toilet roll holder etc, as ours are all wooden and will not go with the new look at all. I was delighted to find some deep Burgundy towels but struck out with cloth for the new curtain and blind. However we only visited one shop, and at a whim at that, so when we are seriously looking I've no doubt we will find something suitable.

In the end I managed to get Peter to just relax and enjoy the sun this afternoon, which I am glad about as he looks really tired. After all it might be the only nice weather we get and Andrew won't mind coming back to an almost done bathroom.

Well I'm off to take some of my own advice and relax for a couple of hours. I still have the ironing to do but I'm waiting until it cools down a bit, no point in pushing things.