Thursday, 5 July 2012

Don't Worry Baby Everything Will Turn Out All Right

Well my doctor certainly doesn't hang around. Within a couple of hours of me leaving his room I got a phone call saying I have an appointment with the breast clinic on Monday. Though I doubt I'll have anything to show them by then. I don't know what these antibiotics are doing, apart from making me feel slightly sick, but the lump is much smaller today and far less painful. This is the best news though as if things continue to improve it will prove that it is just an infection and not anything sinister. Phew, I can do without scares like that.

The battle with my weight continues and I've managed to drop four pounds since last week. Though many would celebrate such a loss for me it is a disaster as I've desperately been trying to put weight on. I suppose it is only to be expected with the stress and upset of the last week but even so, I'm now only a pound off square one.

Health scares aside on the whole I'm feeling a lot better in myself today and have decided to embrace the new hope offered by my referral to Papworth. How long it will take to hear anything is anybodies guess but I hope to hear something, anything, by the end of the month.

I was saddened to hear about the decision to close the Royal Brompton's children's surgical ward. They have fought so hard over this but despite all their efforts they've been turned down. I suppose it was always going to happen given that Great Ormond Street is only a few miles away but even so it must be a crushing blow. To me it doesn't make sense to close a department in one of the UK's leading heart/lung centers but then what do I know, I only use the services.

Today I'm having a rare session with my sewing machine. A few weeks ago I was issued with new uniform trousers as I'd lost so much weight the only thing keeping my old trousers up was the belt and will power. Being the numpty that I am I chose the day before work to try them on and discovered they'd been made for a giant, I had at least a foot of material bunched around my ankles. So I got out my sewing machine and after carefully measuring the length I turn the bottoms up and voilà, perfect fit. All was fine until I washed them, it never occurred to me to wash them first in case they shrunk. After the first wash they seemed OK so thinking I'd got away with it I continued to wash and wear in a complete sense of false security. What I hadn't realised was that with every wash the trousers had shrunk a tiny bit, however I then put them into the tumble dryer. Once again I'd failed to realise my mistake until I dragged then on in a hurry on Saturday morning. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I realised I resembled a Bay City Roller. Horrified I pulled them down as far as I could, with the waist band balanced precariously on my hips, reasoning that as I spent most of my time with my legs under a desk I might just get away with it. Of course I'd forgotten about tea breaks and received some gentle ribbing from my colleagues while trying to enjoy a quiet cuppa and watch the tennis. So with no matches I want to watch and no sun to sleep in I'm spending the afternoon unpicking and re-sewing. This time I'm going to make them a little long and hopefully tumble dryer proof.

We have decided that the time has come to redecorate our bathroom. It isn't in a bad state, apart from a few loose tiles. The grouting needs re-doing and the wallpaper, yes I was stupid enough to wallpaper a bathroom, has lasted well but has now faded and is curling at the edges. We both hate having to decorate because we can never agree on a colour scheme. We have completely different ideas about everything and there is usually a good few weeks of power struggle before we finally hit common ground. Of course before the arguing can begin every DIY store, tile store or specialist decorating shop has to be visited for ideas and pricing. We are starting this process tomorrow, wish me luck.