Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ticked Off

I found a tick on Smirnoff yesterday evening. It was sticking out of his cheek just below his eye but not for long. A pair of fine nosed tweezers and a scratched hand later the tick was safely and completely removed and Smirnoff has been dosed with a fresh tube of tick and flea prevention treatment. Yuk!

Of all the things to forget when out shopping yesterday it was the ant poison. However there do not seem to be so many over the last few days so either I've vacuumed the majority out of they have decided to cut their loses and use another means of escape.

The debacle that is the G4S attempt at security for the Olympics goes on with it now being revealed that between 15 - 40% of those they have recruited regularly miss work. And that is before the games actually begin. When they have to actually do some real work the drop off rate could be even more.

To be honest any terrorist worth his salt wouldn't be targeting the Olympic park anyway. They will know that there is a very high chance of being caught. If I wanted to cause a problem during the games then I'd go for something more iconic and less well guarded such as the Gherkin, the new Shard or even Tower Bridge. I would not want to have to live or work in London over the next couple of months, it is going to be dangerous let alone hell moving about.

Here in damp, dreary Bedfordshire we will be perfectly safe. We have no Olympic venues and our only real area of risk is the main routes into London that run through our county. The most excitement we are likely to get is a massive traffic jam.

Since telling the helpful Indian gentlemen who are employed by Mircosoft that I have an Apple Mac (which I don't) my phone has remained silent except for those calls I actually want, result! I have had to put up with another minor irritation this week though, the RSPCA. These cold callers turned up at my door two days ago and tried to persuade me, not to give cash, they might have got something if they had, but to part with my bank details to set up a direct debit. Are they mad? Would anyone really give their bank details to someone calling at their doorstep? The pair that called on me tried the hard sell but I am tougher than I look and rebuffed every argument they came up with. In the end I just had to close the door on them as they just would not go away. Sadly there will be people who will pass on their details including their passwords to complete strangers standing on their door step in a blue tabard with RSPCA embroidered across it and official looking identity cards. They may well be genuinely employed by the organisation they claim to represent but what of the person themselves? How do I know what vetting procedures are in place? How do I know that my details won't be diverted to someone other than the RSPCA? I don't, and neither do you so my advice would be keep your details to yourself. If you are swayed by their methods and really do want to donate, do it on line, much safer.

After the frenetic activity of the last two days I'm having some downtime today. I plan a film this afternoon but haven't decided what yet, and have been listening to some music this morning. I started with the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album. I don't listen to this album very often as it is probably my least favourite but I drag it out for an airing now and then. Then out came Mike Oldfield's Discovery album, I was obsessed with this when pregnant with Laurence and played it everyday when I got home from work. I then decided to rock it out a little with the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge and finished my session with Plant and Page's haunting Kashmir. It is a long time since I spent time just listening to music, apart from in hospital when my ipod comes into it's own. I must make time to do it again, and soon.

It is raining again and I have two bored cats. In the summer months, when the weather is fine, I rarely see them except at feeding time. Now they are on my desk when typing this, on my lap when watching TV and on my bed when I'm resting. Don't get me wrong I love them to bits but you can have too much of a good thing. No, really, you can.

Well I've just got time to listen to something else before I make lunch, now what will it be.................