Sunday, 15 July 2012

By Jove We've Got It!

Just when you think everything is settled husband has to rock the boat by finding more tiles on the Internet.

Peter is a great one for Internet shopping, I also like Internet shopping, there is a world of choice and things are generally a bit cheaper if bought off the web. However you can't feel, or smell something over the Internet, and you can't get an idea of size. What you definitely cannot get over the Internet is an idea of the true colour of a thing, as I've discovered to my cost more than once. Fortunately, I think that is the word, these particular tiles are available in Wickes so guess where we are going this afternoon. My life is so exciting.

It was a late rise this morning, well late for me and I was surprised to find the sun shining. Surprised because last night, just after I'd finished doing my drugs the heavens opened and the rain really hammered down. The road became a river and the drain outside my house couldn't cope and started to overflow adding it's contents to the torrent. Around the back the patio quickly disappeared and we watched in alarm as the water crept up slowly towards the back step. Fortunately, after about fifteen minutes the rain started to ease and we'd escaped flooding once again. I don't know how many times we are going to be that lucky though as the ground is so saturated even a light shower is producing a minor flood at the moment. As for my water feature, well it is more of an under water feature and the rock must think it is back in the sea.

Taking advantage of this rare and sudden dry spell Peter hurtled out into the garden to cut the lawn, very carefully, and hack back some of the bushes that are threatening to take over the decking. He's done really well and has managed not to churn up the grass, he's been a bit more brutal with the bushes than I would have liked but with this weather give it a couple of weeks and we'll be back to square one anyway.

Hold the front page, we have tiles!

At last our search for and arguments over the bathroom tiles are at an end. Not only did we both say 'yes' the minute we saw them but they also turned out to be in the sale so cost us less than half the price of the tiles we'd seen on Friday. They are currently sitting in our hallway waiting to make the trip up to Laurence's old room where they will be stored until attached to the wall. Now the serious discussions about wall colour have started. Peter wants red, I'd prefer something a little more pastel and am wavering between lavender and violet, so totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Hopefully the colour will come to us in the same way the tiles did or we might be some time.

It it nearly four on a Sunday afternoon, I start work at eight tomorrow morning and I have yet to iron my uniform. All the excitement about finding the tiles has completely wrong footed me and left me with that horrible feeling that you know you have forgotten something but am not sure what it is. It isn't the ironing, I know about that and am off to get it done very soon but there is something else nagging at me. No doubt I'll remember once I'm on the road tomorrow, I just hope it is nothing really important.

Tomorrow we are having a power cut. Unlike ordinary powercuts that happen without warning, this one is pre-planned and we were warned about it weeks ago. It won't effect me but Peter isn't at work until after lunch so I have a horrible feeling I'll be coming home to find most of the tiling in the bathroom missing. Getting started is not a bad thing but like most men Peter just focuses on the task in hand and doesn't consider the more widespread consequences. Like the time he decided to sand a door down on the patio, nothing wrong with that you might say. Well no there isn't except he'd left the patio doors open and I came in to find the kitchen and utility room covered in dust. Or the time I came home to find wallpaper paste walked over ALL the carpets, or the time I found I couldn't make a cuppa as he'd turned off the electricity and then nipped out to get something from the shop. Decorating has very nearly ended our marriage on more than one occasion. Hopefully we will survive this project with only the odd row and not the serving of divorce papers.

Next blog in four days.