Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Can See Sunshine Now The Rain Has Gone

Yes! The sun is out and I'm feeling that little bit better. OK not a huge amount better but at least I have got rid of my headache. With a bit of luck this lovely blue sky will stick around this afternoon and allow me to spend a little bit of time out in the fresh air.

It seems yesterday's blog caused something of a debate with a more or less fifty fifty split of opinion. I have been urged to continue my smear tests something I promise I will consider.

We did not get tiles on yesterday. Laurence arrived earlier than expected and so Peter called a halt having completed all the prep. On the plus side today he is racing along and almost all the shower/bath area should be done bar the grouting before six, the time he has deemed as 'had enough now'. It did mean an early start and I had to forgo my bath this morning and make do with an all over wash in the downstairs loo but it'll be worth it if I can have a soak tomorrow and look up at brand new tiles.

Laurence was in high spirits but bemoaning the fact that all he's been able to do on his break so far is watch TV while it pours outside, welcome to my world. This being his first year in his new house he is desperate to get out and sort the garden. However a few nice days have been forecast so any minute now I'm expecting a call with a question somewhere along the lines of 'how do I tell what is a weed?'

I have been accused of being an Olympics 'hater', this is not the case at all. True I dislike the disruption, cost and commercialism but to say I 'hate' the games themselves is far from the truth. What I do hate is the incompetence of those running the games but it is hardly unexpected. Incompetence is what this country does best these days. In fact if there were a gold medal for incompetence then Team GB would already have walked away with a shed load. It would, just for once, be nice to be proud of the UK instead of feeling like we have to apologise for it's failings all of the time. Maybe, when the games actually start they will be a resounding success and something we can be proud of, I really hope so. Yes really, I do.

Olympic Watch

Told you G4S could top yesterday's blunder.

The security crisis deepened yesterday when it was realised that terrorists could use uniforms and passes supplied to missing guards. A G4S staff trainer said hundreds of yellow outfits and documents had vanished with the staff who have failed to show at Games venues. And “Anyone in a G4S uniform would have a clear advantage if they tried to breach security. They’re not the sort of items you’d want in the hands of terrorists." 

Talk about stating the bleeding obvious, didn't they think about this when they started and ban staff from taking the uniforms home? You really couldn't make it up.

On top of all that only nine out of a possible one hundred and forty security personnel turned up for a training session at Old Trafford. So that's a possible one hundred and thirty one terrorists in the making then. I'm just wondering how long it will be before these uniforms start turning up on ebay.

Talking of bleeding, Peter's hand is fine, a deep cut but not so deep that he needed stitches. I stemmed the flow, bandaged him up and he went back to the bathroom.

I have been feeling extremely guilty about not being able to do much to help with the bathroom. To be fair I wouldn't have been much use without the cold, being unable to lift anything, hold my arms above my head or stand for long periods, but with it I'm a total loss. So I was delighted to be given a job this morning, well that is delighted until I found out it was to ferry cups of coffee and glasses of cold lemonade on an almost continuous loop. I was even less impressed with the 'woman get thee to thy kitchen' that accompanied the allocation. Revenge they say is best served cold, besides I want the bathroom finished before I pay back.

I did take the opportunity though to thoroughly clean the sink and it's pedestal while it lay in the corridor waiting to be reassembled. You can never reach the really tricky bits right at the back when it is attached to the wall. This involved nothing more strenuous than a firm rub down with Mr Muscle and all achieve sitting down but at least I can now say I contributed in a small way and not just with cups of tea.

I have decided that, taking into account the warm colouring of the tiles, I'm going to make up the shower curtain and the window blind in a rich burgundy. It will add a much needed splash of colour and make the bathroom feel warmer. I like fully tiled bathrooms but sometimes they can be a bit 'cold'. Peter, amazingly agrees with me so I'm off to buy the fabric on Monday, provided I feel better, before he changes his mind.

The only bone of contention left really if the flooring. We've decided against tiling the floor, too much of a slip hazard for me and too much work for him, the floorboards are not exactly even and a lot of work will have to be done before he even starts on the tiling. Our current carpet tiles, although in good nick, are now completely the wrong colour. I would like to replace them with either more carpet tiles or rubber tiles, which of course will be water proof. The trouble with that is they cost an absolute fortune. The current tiles will do for now so at least we can take our time finding the perfect solution.

Well better go and see how it is going and make a few encouraging noises, I haven't heard any swearing lately so I'm assuming it is going well.