Sunday, 22 July 2012

Text Speak

People are more likely to text you than actually speak to you. Am I the only one who finds this a little bit sad? In a world where communication has never been easier it seems we are finding it harder to talk to each other. I wonder why this is? I remember spending hours around my friends houses, or at mine and we'd talk and talk about anything and everything. It cost us nothing, no one got offended by misunderstanding what someone meant and it kept us out of trouble. Subjects would be as diverse as the latest pop song through the usual teenage gossip and on to the current affairs of the day. I feel as though we were much more clued up about what was happening in the world than today's rather self obsessed teenagers are.

The tiling has slowed down a little today as Peter is now having to cut to fit and of course this takes time, especially if you want to get it right without messing up your tiles. So far, so good and things are really beginning to pull together. We are still without a sink and a shower but we were able to have baths last night so that doesn't matter so much. The plan is to at least get the sink back in and working by tonight and the whole of the shower and bath area grouted. Amazingly we are still on target to get the shower back in and working by Monday night.

Olympics Watch

Forget incompetence, we are now moving into the realms of out and out fraud.

A whistle blower, worried sick by what she saw, has exposed the activities of yet another firm tasked with supplying stewards for the games. This lot, Tungsten SIA, decided to fake NVQ qualifications necessary for the employees to get their hands on basic security licenses. The course for these qualifications is a year long but the lucky candidates were herded into Earl's Court, issued with the exam papers and then given the answers. With the advice that it 'would look better if you got some answers wrong.'

What really alarms me is that with these faked licenses these people will be able to walk into any other security post being advertised and they are completely untrained. And think of all the people who have given up their time and money to get the license legally. Will they now find they are viewed with suspicion and so denied work that they are actually qualified to do? Will any of us have confidence in so called security again?

A few pages on from these revelations is a full page article by Lord Coe telling us it is time to 'lighten up' and forget about the problems. No Lord Coe, we will not forget because what has happened has tarnished these games before they even started and if something really bad does happen you may not be Lord Coe for much longer.

I have given in and started on my emergency supply of antibiotics as my chest feels 'scratchy' and I've started to cough up gunky stuff. I have say it was a weird feeling giving myself antibiotics without my GP's say so but that is what I was given them for.

Andrew posted some fabulous pictures of himself on holiday. He has just ten days left and I can't believe it has gone so fast. When he gets back it is a nervous wait for exam results and then the scramble to get everything ready for university. Why do they grow up so fast?

The sun is out and it is actually quite warm so I'm off to spend an hour on the decking before the weather changes its mind.