Friday, 6 July 2012


I have ants. Well not me personally my house. I went downstairs, after posting yesterday's blog as it happens, and they were everywhere, flying ones included. As it was near at hand I grabbed the vacuum cleaner, sucked them all up and deposited them into the bin outside, a process I repeated twice more during the course of the day. Ant poison has been added to the shopping list, I don't like using it but I don't like having my home overrun by creepy crawlies either.

Eighty six flood warnings have been issued today, and our area is expected to cop it big time. To be expected really considering all that is happening in or near our area this weekend. There's the Wimbledon final, more on that later, the British GP, the Olympic torch arrives and we have the Love Luton Festival. To be honest the last event might have to have a re-think in the name as they are having trouble shifting tickets.

This afternoon Peter will be in work, Andrew is still on holiday so I'm all set to watch, what will probably be, the most exciting match of Wimbledon so far. Yep I'm talking about the Murray/Tsonga game. Like most Murray supporters I receive a constant barrage of negative comments such as 'is he on the bus home yet', every time he plays. This afternoon I will be able to watch on my own, uninterrupted and with everything crossed. On paper it is promising, Murray has beaten Tsonga five times out of six meets, however on paper it should be Nadal in the semi final so nothing is guaranteed.  If Murray makes it to the final he will make history and for many fans that will be enough of a pay back to make all the nail biting worth it. If he gets to the final could he win? Well anything is possible but personally I think unlikely. He'd have more chance against Federer than Djokovic but that's a whole different ball game, literally, and can be discussed tomorrow, hopefully.

In the news the hilarious and slightly scary police response to a fake cigarette designed to help smokers stop. This device contains a liquid that evaporates to mimic smoke fooling the user into thinking they have the real thing. It also has the ability to trigger a full terrorist alert and close a motorway for over six hours.

The comedy turn started when someone on a coach decided to have a crafty suck on this device placing it in a carrier bag between puffs. Not sure quite why he felt he had to hide what he was doing as unlike real smoking pretend smoking is not illegal. To add to this gentleman's problems he was 'of Asian appearance' so naturally couldn't be anything else but a terrorist up to no good.

Instead of approaching this man and asking him what he was up to the police were called and what ensued was the biggest over reaction in history. Everyone arrived, police, ambulances, fire brigade and the army bomb squad (I'm amazed we still have one) and the motorway was promptly closed. Sky news got completely over excited and sent every reporter within a twenty mile radius to the scene and a helicopter, the BBC, as always, were playing catch up.

Three hours into the event and the police, who had surrounded the coach with armed men, began ordering people off and into a 'containment area', a square of tarmac surrounded by police tape. Now I find this strange, if you think someone has a bomb do you really stand next to the thing that you think is going to go bang? No you don't and you evacuate the coach as quickly as possible don't you? So I can only conclude that the police already knew there wasn't a bomb before or very quickly after they arrived. So why the panic? As time went on the scare was down graded from a bomb to 'chemicals', possibly destined to make a bomb, to actually it was just a bloke trying to stop smoking.

OK, I know that the Olympics make us a target for every nutter going but a little bit of common sense policing would have gone a long way to solving this situation. Unfortunately this sort of knee jerk policing will become more common place over the next few weeks as every incident will be viewed as a potential threat. The police need to stop trying to be more like American 'cops' and go back to being good old honest British 'bobbies', they might find they get more respect if they did.

And finally the 'Shard', Why?