Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The hottest day of the year and where was I? At work that's where.

I'd already decided that, in view of my breathing problems in the heat, that I was going to spend the majority of my day in the shade reading. Peter and Andrew had set the decking up for me very early and I'd chosen a great book, The Private Patient by PD James, made up some more smoothies and got my oxygen at the ready.
Unfortunately there was a problem and I was ordered into work. So in sweltering heat I put on my uniform, grabbed my oxygen and took off. Although technically I'm not supposed to be ordered in due to my health I actually didn't mind much. Once I'd arrived I was told that I  would be let go as soon as possible and that if I started to feel poorly because of the temperature I was to say. In the end I stayed just over four hours. I realise it isn't as long as most of my colleagues but I still feel happy I did my bit and I'm pleased that I was able to stop someone else getting the call.

I was home by half past two and in the garden by three, after having something to eat. So I didn't finish the book as I'd intended and I was feeling really tired and out of sorts but at least I didn't have anything to feel guilty about, at last.

After a rather refreshing night I woke naturally around seven and was very pleased to find my breathing was much easier. The temperature had dropped overnight and I woke to a misty gray day. By eleven I'd done two loads of laundry and hung them out, ironed everything in sight and changed the beds. I don't know where this renewed energy has come from but I hope it hangs around for a bit.

Straight after lunch we are driving Andrew down to his new digs as he is spending the next two weeks working at the Middlesex Hospital where he will be learning to intubate people in theatre. Needless to say he is really excited and yet nervous at the same time. Who wouldn't be?

Then the late afternoon/early evening will be mine so, depending on the weather, I'll either be stretched out on the decking or stretched out on the settee.

I now have two PH friends in hospital.

There is no change in Anne's situation though I'm told she is in good spirits. I can't wait to see her on Friday, I hope she will be well enough for a chat.

The other person is Stacie, who unfortunately got an infection in her line. Poor Stacie she has had nothing but trouble since the line went in. Firstly she developed an allergy to the dressing that's put over the entrance site to the line to keep it clean. I've never seen anything like it, the area was red raw. Then this has to go and happen. Of course we all know that the only way any of this will stop is for Stacie to get her transplant. She's had one false alarm so far and has been on the list for over a year so I really think she's due some luck. Let's hope transplant week will give us all a better chance.

Talking of false alarms I had one on Monday. I was sitting having a cuppa in front of Eggheads, I love that programme, when my mobile went. 'Hello this is Anne one of the transplant co-ordinators from Papworth', pause, 'how are you today?' Oh. My. God. I thought, this is it! Sadly it wasn't 'it' she was just ringing to see whether I could attend an event at the hospital. Once my heart rate returned to normal I felt quite angry to be honest. I don't think they realise the stress they cause when they ring out of office hours, the time we are most likely to get 'the call', for routine, trivial things like that. I think I'll be having a word at my appointment on Friday.

Well I'd better get going, it's an early lunch today and then off we go to London, at least it's not hot.