Saturday, 20 July 2013

Cooling Down

Surprisingly I woke up refreshed and raring to go at seven this morning. I expected to be shattered after yesterday's little outing but I appear to be fine and dandy.

As a result by nine I'd stripped the bed and washed the sheets and have just put my uniform on to wash. At this rate I'll have my entire day's housework done by lunchtime. I've now had a shower and some breakfast, well I've been ordered too, the breakfast that is not the shower, I don't smell that bad I promise, and am taking some time out read the newspaper and update this blog.

The weather is a lot cooler today. We have thick cloud cover and a breeze and, standing out in my summer dress to hang the washing out, I actually felt a little bit cold for the first time in weeks. The good thing is my breathing has improved dramatically and I can even get up the stairs with barely a puff this morning. According to the weather forecaster it won't last and next week it is supposed to be even hotter than it's been this week. Oh Lord! I'd better enjoy the cool while I can then, as it sounds as though I'm going to be reduced to a wheezing wreck by Wednesday.

Andrew is home from his first week at hospital and has proudly shown me his sign off book. There a loads of 'excellent', 'well done' and 'very good' comments in it. If he continues to get the same next week he'll pass his hospital placement hardly breaking a sweat. There was one little blip though, he managed to give himself a needle stick injury. Thankfully the patient did not have any nasty illnesses and subsequent blood tests show Andrew to be fine. As he said, it had to happen and now it has he'll be a lot more careful in future.

This afternoon we have the Tesco run and then I intend to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and, hopefully, stuffing my face with all the goodies I intend to buy.

One of my pet hates was triggered yesterday. I was sitting on the settee, in the living room with the windows wide open as I read when a voice floated in from the street.

'I'm so glad the young people enjoyed their trip.'

I glanced out of the window and saw two women dragging two very tired looking pre school boys up the road. 'Young people'? What the hell is wrong with calling children, children? In my book children are children until they hit thirteen when they turn into teenagers. Young people only become young people in their early twenties. I hate all this political correctness crap and grow to hate it more every day.

In the news there is very little to catch the eye. Half the newspapers are reporting on the 'heatwave' and the other half are speculating when Kate is going to have her baby.Personally I rather hope she has already had it in secret and is enjoying a few days of peace and quite to get to know her baby before the media storm breaks.

Talking of storms I notice the wind is getting up a bit. I really hope for just a day of rain as my once green grass is now brown.

Well time for a cuppa and a packet of crisps.

Oh. oh, oh, I forgot. I did win on the lottery, a whole eight pounds. Well a win is a win.