Sunday, 7 July 2013

National Transplant Week

Well it is really heating up today and as a result I'm having trouble breathing.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon outside in the shade and found breathing a lot easier than I thought I would. Eventually though I was chased inside by some neighbours having a barbecue. It wasn't the noise or the music that got me, but the smoke from the fire. I started to cough and wheeze and ended up having to spend an hour on oxygen just to recover. To make it worse they continued their party well past midnight forcing us to close all the window and doors at the back of the house to cut out the noise and fumes.

Of course I'd never dream of stopping someone enjoying themselves like this, though I despise barbecues with a passion, but when it goes on past midnight then I get obsessed with water hoses and a large mallet. So after being kept awake until at least two I feel less than happy this morning, despite sleeping in until almost nine. I just hope they don't plan to do the same again tonight as I've got to get up at six tomorrow for work.

Neighbours aside it was a lovely day yesterday and, until they started, very quite with just the birdsong for company.Today promises to be just as nice though there is a bit of cloud overhead at the moment so not quite as sunny as it could be. I'm hoping it will clear by late afternoon so I can sit out for an hour to two after the tennis.

Well today is the day that history could be made. Murray has beaten Djockovic before and, as the semi final proved, he is not invincible. I suspect we are in for a very long five set match with each man matching the other point to point. And no I am not going to predict a winner.

Tomorrow National Transplant week starts with the aim of getting more people to sign up for organ donation and to educate people what organ donation actually means. Hopefully it will quell some of the fears and dismiss some of the myths surrounding transplantation. I still cannot believe people still buy the myth that if they are in an accident and have signed the organ donation list they will not be given the same treatment to save their lives as someone who has not signed the donor list. I have no idea where this belief comes from but it couldn't be further from the truth. For a start medics in accident and emergency would have no idea whether you were on the transplant list or not. Also doctors would get struck off if they didn't try their hardest to save every life. No one seems to have thought that through.

So look out for the articles and programmes that will be scattered throughout the media this week. And if you and your loved ones haven't already done so please sign up. If you are prepared to take an organ you should be prepared to give. I've signed up, as have my family, friends and colleagues, please do the same.

In the news, Abu Qatada has left the country, after years of legal process and millions of taxpayers money. All I can hope is that his parasitic family follows him very, very soon.

There is a pile of ironing waiting with my name on it, I have to do it this morning while the front of the house is still in shade and relatively cool. Also it will give me something to do while waiting for the big event.

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