Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Heat Is On

It is shaping up to be the hottest day of the year and, while I enjoy a bit of sun as much as anyone else, my lungs hate it. My plan for the day is to sit in the shade on the decking with a good book and a jug of iced tea and just do nothing. I have a pile of ironing but that will be done first thing in the morning tomorrow before the heat really gets going.

Yesterday I had a good excuse to sit in a dark living room as I watched over seven hours of nail biting tennis. Djockovic came through in the end but it was nice to see him having to fight for it for a change. The match had a lovely atmosphere too which is more than can be said for Murray's. His opponent was bad tempered Pole Janovich and to say he darkened the day would be an understatement. He constantly whined about the roof not being on and gave angry displays when things were not going his way. At one point he bashed the net with his racket earning himself boos form the crowd.

Eventually he got his wish and the roof went on but it did him not good at all and Murray, angry at the disruption, took his disgust out in a forceful fourth set and won convincingly. So it is to be a Djockovic/Murray final and is going to be yet another edge of the seat marathon. At least I hope so.

I did find time to make a lovely refreshing smoothie though. I'd been to Tesco's and bought loads of fruit and once home realised there was no way we would be able to eat it all before it started to go off. The recipe for my latest creation is below and makes around a litre depending on the amount of apple juice you add. This is very good for those of us on diuretics as it has a high potassium count.

Hazel's Fruit Smoothie.

3 large bananas, I prefer to use spotty or brown bananas as they are softer and easier to blend.
1 ripe peach
12 - 15 fresh strawberries depending on size.
Apple juice

Break up the bananas and take the stone out of the peach leaving the skin on. Hull the strawberries and add to the blender. Pour in enough apple juice to fill the blender to the quarter mark, approx 1/4 of a pint, for a thick creamy smoothie. If you prefer a more liquid smoothie pour enough juice to fill blender half way, approx 1/2 pint. Blend on pulse until all the ingredients are finely chopped then blend on high until a smooth consistency is reached. You can keep this in the fridge for up to twenty four hours. This mixture also makes great ice lollies but add a little lemon juice to stop it turning brown. Enjoy!

Well I have a lounger waiting for me and lunch to prepare, I'm doing a very simple pasta with a side salad. Then I will actually be a lady of leisure for a few hours. The heat and my dodgy, bloody lungs will ensure I can't do anything else.

Enjoy this lovely weather and keep safe. Remember, Slip, Slap, Slop.