Friday, 12 July 2013

Incredible Hulk Mum

I'm sorry I missed the update on Wednesday but all sorts of things have been going on this week.

The heat is really getting me down. Although I love the sun itself, working in an office with no windows, no air conditioning and around 50 computers going full blast is not much fun when your lungs are compromised. The sweat was pouring off me and I found I was having to use my oxygen more often than usual. A couple of times I came close to fainting but there is no use in complaining. Nothing can be done and we are all in the same boat. Someone did take me aside and asked me why I was turning up and said if they were me they'd stay at home. They are not me though and I'd hate to think what my colleagues would make of me taking time off when we are so short staffed just because I'm finding it a little hot. I feel bad enough when I'm really ill but just because I'm finding it hard to cope, well the stress would probably negate any benefit gained.

To add to my stress this week I've found Andrew's university is not being exactly helpful.

Like most university courses, Andrew's is based on modules. Andrew has passed all this year's modules except the placement one. While on placement he has to get a book signed off every time he does something such as put a collar on or performs CPR to prove competency. In order to achieve everything in the book the university have to ensure a fixed amount of hours on placement. Andrew is currently owed 121 hours of placement and, when he contacted his tutor, was astonishingly told that not only would he fail the year if he didn't complete his book but to go out and sort out the hours himself. I went mental! I contacted the head of department and played merry hell with him and then went on to wipe the floor with said tutor. The result, the university will do everything it can to fulfill it's obligations regarding placement hours and if Andrew cannot get everything signed off because they have failed to give him the opportunity he will not be failed. He will just have what hasn't been signed off added to next year's book. Result! As I've said many, many times. Do not mess with me, particularly when I'm hot and bothered.

So feathers ruffled I decided to cool down, literally, before relating all in my blog or it would just turn into a big long rant. Hence the missed Wednesday.

My weight has started to drop, whether it is because I'm living on fruit at the moment or because of the extra water tablets I can't tell but I'm like the incredible shrinking woman and clothing is beginning to hang off me again. I'm sure my weight will increase once the weather cools and I feel more like eating but it really feels like one step forward and two massive leaps backwards at the moment.

Talking of massive leaps backwards Anne has had a bit of a rough time of late and is back in ICU. I'm due in Papworth for a check up next Friday and I hope to be able to pay her a visit while I'm there. In the meantime chin up Anne, everyone is behind you and everyone in the PH community are offering up prayers and sending you their thoughts.

Apprentice Watch

I know I promised you a double whammy this week but I can't remember what happened last week to will watch it again tonight and report tomorrow..

Last night though was the interview task, my favourite of the whole series. This is the week where the candidates are picked apart by associates of Lord sugar in a series of interviews. Even better it heralds the return of Margaret and her eyebrow. Honestly that eyebrow deserves a show of it's own it is so expressive.

So one by one the candidates were ripped apart, found out or sunk their own ships. Jordan's was the most shocking when it was discovered the business he wanted Lord Sugar to invest in wasn't even his. The interview was terminated and Jordan was the first to be slung out of the boardroom. Francesca swiftly followed despite having an idea that could actually prove very popular. The reason? She was deemed to be too boring. Last to go, and probably the saddest and most shocking departure of all, was Neil. His idea was declared unworkable and Neil hung, drew and quartered himself by refusing to consider a back up plan.

So the two going through to the final is Lipstick Leah who, surprise, surprise, want to open a cosmetics clinic and Luisa who want to start an online bakery supply business. Exactly the two candidates I least wanted to win. Next week will not be enjoyable watching for me but at least I get to watch eyebrow Alex and his Del Boy coat just one more time.

I am delighted to see that National Transplant week has gone well but it has raised a couple of ideas that I'm not quite sure about.

First up is a law that will stop relatives vetoing the wishes of the dead person and refusing to let organs be taken. Although I agree in principle with this I think passing a law to deal with the problem is a bit heavy handed. Wouldn't it be better to send a form to everyone who signs up asking they get two relatives to sign to say they are happy with the decision and will abide by it. Far more friendly and enables relatives to make the decision without all the emotion that goes with the passing of a loved one.

The second suggestion is that those who are organ donors get priority should they ever need an organ themselves.This one I am totally against. Places on the list have always been determined by clinical need and I really think this is how it should remain. Otherwise how soon will it be before those who can give the biggest donations are given priority and then before you know it only those with the means to pay get on the list. OK, that might be going a bit far but I'm sure you get the point.

Well I'm off, got to go and pick up a few bits and pieces from Tesco's and get the washing in before the barbecues start.