Saturday, 15 December 2012

Suffer The Little Children

Well after a rather lovely surprise yesterday it is back to reality time.

It is a week since I last smelt or tasted anything and although I feel better this has not improved and I'm still coughing up nasty green stuff and blood. All I can say is that this is the worst infection I've had all year and I have to get it just before Christmas. Yes I know it is better than having it AT Christmas but if that happened at least everything would be done and everyone else could just get on with it without me. Now I'm in catch up mode and have decided to make a list because I can no longer rely on remembering to pick up this or that when I go out. Especially as the last time I was out was over a week ago and it doesn't look as though it is going to happen again anytime soon..

So this afternoon I'm going to write out the Christmas cards and get them ready for posting if it is the last thing I manage today. I've had several false starts at this but in order to guarantee delivery they have got to go on Monday.

I'm also looking at a pile of ironing about the size of the Eiger but looking is all I'm capable of doing right now so that is another 'not today' item that has to be slotted in somewhere else. Don't get me wrong Peter is really good at keeping the washing ticking over but he cannot iron for toffee. Everything looks worse than when he started so I've banned him from it, something he's taken very seriously ever since.

I am on my own today, Peter has had to go in and catch up on some of the work he had to leave to look after me. He has left me safe in the knowledge that for once I am not capable of getting up to mischief and so is very relaxed although I do get a text every now and then demanding to know what I'm doing. This means getting my own lunch and keeping up the supply of liquid on my own. The latter I'm managing really well but it is difficult to decide what to eat when you don't 'fancy' anything. It has to be done though and I think I'm going to try that old standby of beans on toast. If nothing else it is quick to make and if I don't eat all of it I can throw what is left without feeling guilty of the cost. I hate wasting food.

Junior Apprentice Watch

Finally got around to watching this yesterday.

Oh my word these youngsters really do not have a clue do they. A washing machine at a three day music festival? Are they crazy? I did think the cardboard loo was a good idea though and was surprised that it didn't sell better but in truth those were the cleanest festival portaloos I've ever seen. And, as with everyone else watching, I could have screamed when the most obvious best seller, the face paint, was dismissed out of hand. Unfortunately Maria ended up on the winning team again and so has annoyingly made it through to the final. I was really sad to see Steven go as I thought he was probably the best of the lot. Andrew was on his last chance so his departure was a no brainer.

So all I can do now is hope and pray that Maria doesn't actually win.

Strictly tonight and it is the semi final and a return to the 'two dance' format. I am so looking forward to this and really hope Louis makes it through to the final. I think the one firmly in the danger zone is Lisa. Despite her popularity she is falling behind the others a bit now so I think she will be the one being knocked out. However I've got it wrong before and will probably get this wrong too. Such is life.

The news late yesterday was one of the most dreadful of it's kind. Little children aged between five and eight years old shot because a young man fell out with his mother who happened to teach at the school. No one can comprehend why these young men, and it almost always is a young man, turn to violence in such a pointless and shocking way but they do.

When I first heard the news I was immediately transported back to Dunblane and the horror and disbelief that Thomas Hamilton caused for reasons that are still not fully explained or understood. However we learned from our mistake. We immediately tightened up our gun laws and banned certain types of firearms, the result is that we haven't had a repeat. Oh yes I know were still have had the odd crazy shooting the streets up but fortunately children in this country can feel safe in their schools.

In America this is a repeat offence and will continue to be so until someone has the strength and courage to tighten up the gun laws. Unfortunately unlike us America will never learn because there are people, powerful people, who believe it is their right to carry guns and shoot people with them. It was an extraordinary sight to see President Obama weeping so openly while addressing the nation and urging his government to do something about it. However even as the words were leaving his mouth he, along with everyone else, knew nothing will be done because the House of Representatives and the Senate are both filled with gun totting Republicans who are firmly against anything that could lessen their power over the poor, and that includes free health care.

America is a wonderful, spectacular country in so many ways but it will always be held back from being truly great while those in power cling to their archaic rules like a toddler refusing to let go of it's favourite toy. The 'right to bare arms' may have been relevant during the civil war, and for decades afterwards, but two hundred years later? Really? Until they get over this attitude these horrors will continue and as always it will be the most vulnerable in society that will suffer.

Well the toaster awaits, as do those blessed Christmas cards.